Islam is a religion of submission. As Muslims we are expected to submit to the will and commands of Allah, the most merciful . But in this monotonous life we, more often than not, forget the very reason for our existence in this world.

Allah (swt) created man so to worship him . And obeying his commands is our utmost duty.
The basic purpose of life is not to make money, or to live a very luxurious life, but to prepare for the Hereafter.

Man should not get carried along the flow of things and should bear in mind that one day all of us will be answerable to our Lord for each and every act, word and deed of ours. Then think, how easily we backbite about others, or tell a lie, or even miss namaz, thinking "Allah maaf karne wala hai..., maaf karege."[/i[ Meaning: Allah is merciful, he'll forgive.

But this attitude shall one day bring us to our doom.

Instead it is the duty of every Muslim to live life as if he/she was a traveller and would stay in this world for a limited time, but the actual destination is the one that we should prepare for.

We should constantly and consistently be aware of the fact that we have to face our Creator one day.

We should perform each namaz with maximum concentration, seeking Allah's forgiveness, mercy and love.

Besides, We should do each and every deed for the sake of Allah only.
Never do anything for praise or fame or money. Always try to seek Allah's happiness. Even if you speak to your parents or friends or spouse or to anyone for that matter, speak sweetly and politely . not because to impress the person or to make him like you. but to gain Allah's happiness, for Allah definitely wants us to do this.

When you do every thing for Allah(swt), then you gradually separate yourself from the pleasures of this world. then if someone misbehaves with you even when you have behaved with him well, then you shall not feel bad, for you behaved well, not for the person, but for Allah and the sawab or reward for this you shall receive on the day of judgment .

Therefore, i conclude by saying that the basic purpose of this life is to prepare for the eternal life. The goal of every Muslim should be to pass this most challenging, and most significant exam of life- to gain Allah's happiness. and to please him so that you shall enter your eternal abode - paradise.

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