We all feel compelled to keep up with the Jones'. Our society tells us we should live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. We are supposed to drive nice cars. We need to dress fashionably. How do we get all of these things that society tells us we should have? We take out loans, mortgages, and use our credit cards.
Using credit and debt is not necessarily a terrible thing. The problem arises when we have so much debt that working to earn the money to pay off that debt begins to interfere with our family and spiritual lives. When we have to compromise our values in order to have the things we think we need, we need to take a good hard look in the mirror.
The Bible does not specifically prohibit debt. The trap we seem to fall into is having too much debt. I know that I personally fell into that trap. I had a beautiful house, two new cars, and a couple of credit cards. I lost my job when the economy began to take a nosedive, and I had to give it all up. I know I was lured in by the desire to look good for my neighbors. I learned a very valuable lesson. I got back on my feet, and I learned an amazing way to live in cash instead of debt.
I find it my calling to teach other Christians how to minimize their debt so that they don't have to sacrifice time and money that they want to spend with their family and church. Let me ask you, "Do you find yourself sacrificing your time in order to live like society tells you to live?" If your answer is yes please visit my website www.workfromhomechristian.com for more information on how you can have more time for your family and church.

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Jeff Fuller