Anyone can receive salvation by putting their faith in Jesus, anyone can receive a healing, or a miracle by having faith in God. These things God has given to his people to enrich their lives and provide for their needs. When you are saved and born-again you start on a honeymoon with the Lord where he answers most of your prayers and you can do no wrong in his eyes. As you mature he starts to get a little tougher and is not as attentive as before. It reminds me of the song, "You don't bring me flowers anymore." Now he starts asking you to have more and more faith.

Saving faith in not left in your hands all you do is repent and except Jesus the rest is carried out by God. But to live by faith day in and day out and trust God with all your needs is another matter. This takes work on your part and is not for the faint hearted. Where in salvation you might not have a true relationship with Jesus you just believe that you are saved and go on with your life, to live by faith and depend on God for everything requires greater intimacy and knowledge of his word and will.

This word faith can be very tricky because to us it means, "I can have it," which is not always true. To God faith is, "You wait for me," which is not always the easiest thing to do. Godly faith is a supernatural mystery which originates with the creator and not with us. Once given you can obey it and increase it, or you could let it waste away, it is up to you what you do with the gift of faith. A lot has to do with your own character and personality as to what happens to your faith. It has less to do with God who gave you the gift and more with you who received the gift as to its outcome. If you exercise it and take care of it than it will grow and if it grows it will take care of you.

So is this a perfect life and do I recommend it for everyone? No, it's not a perfect life style, and no, I don't recommend it for everyone. Since it is all by faith and trust in God than it all happens in his time and not ours. This does not always make for a peaceful time especially if you are impatient and used to having it now. Faith is calling those things that are not as if they are, it is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, Hebrews 11:1. Faith has no time table, it could come today or it could come in ten years. It is God who establishes how the need will be met and there are no absolutes as to how he will meet it in faith.

If you are used to having your life wrapped up in tiny, pretty packages than a life of faith would not bring you much happiness. If you are the adventuress type who loves the unexpected and an unconventional life style, than you could live a life of faith. In Christianity everyone is taught that they could or should live a life of faith, and yet few have the patience to truly live waiting on God. True faith is sacrificing your own plans for those of God, but how many people can do this in this generation of give me, give me, or I should have it now, it's mine. That's why sowing and reaping is such a hit, the sower now thinks he has the upper hand and God must act, but God takes orders from no man, what we get from Him is all by grace, which means we don't deserve it and cannot pay for it. Remember the birds do not sow and reap, the flowers do not work or spin and God still feeds them and dresses them. Matthew 6:36

A life of faith starts with loving God more than loving life or wealth, family, or friends. Dependency on God in all aspects of life is the hallmark of real faith. Faith does not come alone it comes with thousands of hours of bible reading and many, many hours of prayer and fellowship with God. Sometimes no matter how many times you confess it, ask for it, or think you must have it He will say no. My healings have always come when there was an emergency involved not when I wanted it, they came when the shoulder just froze, or the knee exploded in pain, when I could not move out of bed from the back pain. He healed me when he thought it was needed and not when I thought I needed it, but in faith I waited for him.

Faith in God and his word calls everything that is impossible, possible, when men say it cannot happen faith says that it can happen. True faith calls the doctor a liar when he tells you that there is no cure. When everyone tells you that you will not succeed but God has told you that you will succeed, faith calls them a liar and you will succeed. Faith brings the supernatural will of God to human hands; faith is the reality of hope which is a longing for Gods will on earth.
What makes faith so hard is that He is different than us, His plans are not our plans, his ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He sees a different picture than what we can see, he sees the future we just see the past and present. Real faith says that God has our best interest at heart even when we cannot see it. That what he gives us is the best thing for us at that particular time even when it hurts. Understanding God is knowing that we are not the only ones in the universe, that to answer a prayer for us he must shuffle the lives of hundreds of people, and that our prayers and wants must coexist with millions of other prayers and wants.

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