While speaking with a close friend about another friend who claims to be an atheist, I had the strangest thought. My thought was this, "satan is a lot smarter than anyone on earth but he is not an atheist." There is no one who knows the Father better then satan the prince of darkness. And yet man who is not in the same league with satan when it comes to strength and intelligence likes to boast of not believing in God.
Derick Prince made a comment a while back in one of his books about the enormity of God the Father and the power that God can use at his own discretion. He said that no human really knows the power of God or can attempt to guess what the Father can do in a moment of anger. His theory, which I happen to believe, is that satan who is the only one outside of the Holy Trinity to really know Gods immense power fears God the Father so much that he would never openly provoke God who could destroy him in a second.
His theory is that satans fight is with the Lord Jesus and with the church of Jesus Christ and not with the Father who could crush him in an instant. The Lord Jesus on the other hand beat the devil satan when he arose from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. But God allows the devil to sift the church in order to get rid of all the bad apples and to make the good apples sweeter, so satan gets a pass from God who created him for this purpose. Isiah 54:16. see, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc; KJV
No demon would ever deny that existence of God because He is their creator and they have known him, also at one time in the pass they had a good relationship with Him. But they would deny the existence of Jesus Christ coming in the flesh; this is the spirit of the anti-Christ. So when a real atheist tells you that he does not believe In God he is speaking from his own spirit and not from the demonic realm as one would imagine, because even the demons believe in God and tremble. It would seem that even imps and demons have more sense than atheist.
So what does this have to do with a person claiming not to believe in God? Well if even the demons and their master believe and fear God, how much more do you suppose that man who is made of dust should fear God? But most of these people who go about saying that they don't believe in God are just skeptics and not true atheist. I should know my brother is one and so is my brother in law. They love to speak about their unbelief in God who to them is a myth. I don't know why but I have a lot of people like this around me. They only seem happy when they can show of what they think is their superior intellectual reasoning about the deity of the Lord Jesus.
But the funny part is that like Nicodemus who came to the Lord Jesus at night they are really phonies who do believe and in secret pray to God and ask for help in times of crises. What I have found is that most of these so called atheists are really ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and so hide in order not to be called fanatic's or religious by their friends and other family members. But if you tell them that you are praying for them and their family members they are quick to say thank you. So what kind of unbeliever is this who likes to have people pray for their children?
This brings us to another point. A true unbeliever would never want prayer for himself or any other family member because to him or her it would all be nonsense. So his children have no protection from an ugly world full of crime and violence. Where is love for the children here? Imagine if you can telling your children that God cannot help them because there is no God. A believer can tell his children and loved ones that God is in control and that they can trust Him with their lives. Children love to hear about the afterlife because they now know that if their parents die they well see them in heaven one day. But how do you tell a child that he is just dust and when he and you die you disappear forever as if you were a dust bowl blown by the wind. How cruel to have a child without faith and hope in a world full of meanness and cruelty. But worse yet how cruel to tell him that he came from the apes who are filthy creatures at best.

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