During my early years as a Christian I committed many mistakes while trying to get people healed or saved in faith. In faith I once told a colleague that he would not lose his wife who had caught him cheating, he did lose her and could not understand how I could have told him such a thing. I also prayed for a man who was going blind on my job and this person not only lost his sight but died within the year. My daughter in-laws mother had cancer and I told my son to tell his wife that her mother would not die. Of course her mother did die, and this time I asked the Lord why people were not healed since I had the best of intentions when I prayed for them.

In a dream he gave me two words, logos and rhema. The next day I looked them up and found that where we have just one word for word, the Greek language has several, among these is rhema and logos. Logos is the written word; it is the expression of the intelligence of God in the written word as we have in the bible. Logos could be considered a general conversation of God with his people. The logos word is given to everybody to read in a general sense and to improve their faith. This is where I had many difficulties, trying to use a scripture to heal someone when the scripture was not meant for that particular application or person. This was always a logos word given in a general term but not activated by God in power. So if I used Isaiah 53:5, which says that " by his stripes I am healed," for someone's healing, just because I read it in the bible, it would produce no results because God had not spoken that word to me directly. If he speaks the word to my brain or spirit in a dream or vision, a book or even an audible voice, than I am assured that he has heard me and has activated his word to do just that, in whatever the case might be. This is the Rhema word of God spoken from the Father and anointed and empowered to do what is asked of it.

Rhema, in the Greek language is a word spoken by a living voice; it comes from the root word rheo which means to speak. So if God gave you a scripture in a dream or while you were working or maybe just eating, it would be a rhema word which you could act on immediately. This you could take to the bank as opposed to a logos word which you read in the bible and decided to make it yours. The logos are for everyone and if you work on it long enough any scripture might produce results. The Rhema is specifically for the one who receives it, and is full proof. In the rhema the results are of the will of God, while in the logos, it is trying to produce according to the will of men.
In the gospel of John 1:1 it says "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God." Here Jesus is the logos of God since he had been written about thousands of years before coming into being. He is the intelligent manifestation of God on the earth. In John 17:8 Jesus is speaking, "For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them." Here the words are rhema words that God had spoken to Jesus.

This changed my life dramatically, now I could wait on the Father for confirmation before making a bold statement that someone was already healed. It made my life easier and gave me great confidence in my prayers. If I didn't get an answer to a prayer I would just wait it out and not feel that my faith was to blame. Sometimes God would tell me the answer the night before in a dream, so the next day when someone said pray about this or that I could say "yes it's a done deal" and feel very cocky, as if it were all my faith when in fact it was not.

An example of this happened when a Nigerian man who was going to be deported came to me for prayer. He was a teacher from another religion and his god had not answered him so he decided to try another religion. The night before, the Lord had showed me in a dream a man having his hair cut. He was telling the barber that he was being deported and saw no way out of it. But the barber stopped cutting hair for a moment and looked at the man and said, "You will not be deported." When I looked at the barber it was Jesus. He then told the man to ask according to Mathew 7:7, which says to, "ask and you will receive, knock and it shall be opened, seek and you shall find, a rhema word. But at that moment I did not know what the dream meant. So the next day when he was bought to me by a friend and told me his trouble I just prayed a quick prayer and told the man he would not be deported that I would stake my life on it. I could be cocky because the Lord had already revealed the outcome to me. This man also changed religions once he saw the power of God to change situations. He was not deported.

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