God knows us all from the very first day we come on this earth. But because we all are very busy in our day to day lives we tend to forget God and talk to him. He is eagerly waiting to listen to us and share our love,our day to day happenings,sufferings and everything. He is just like our best friend. When we just skip our prayer and forgo reading the daily bible we forget that someone was eagerly waiting for us. As we all know we can talk with him at any place and at any time while we are working while we are doing our household chores or we are on the bed trying to sleep.

Prayer really gives a lot of satisfaction in our lives,it gives a inner feeling of togetherness with someone special. It gives the peace of mind which is the greatest treassure anyone can ever have. When we are in relation with God we create a bond with him and he takes care of us every second. Sometimes in our daily lives we feel" i didnt do then who did it for me" but it was God who helped in finishing our task. As in our present lives we are fully gathered by things which is wrong. We feel ourselves guilty and go far from God. Our mind gets easily deviated from prayer because our minds get spoiled by the bad images or the wrong we did. But still God loves us, we aferall are humanbeings made by God and we tend to do evil as satan is eagerly waiting that how he will take us away from God. But with prayer we can really control our thoughts and our actions because God will guide us how to do it.

We should always remember the 10 commandments God has given us to do in our lives because that will help us to live our lives in a better way after all we are going to be judged on the judgement day and we have to give answers to all the wrong we have done on the earth so why not change ourselves today and start a new reformed life with God. He is ready to forgive all our sins and give us a beautiful place with him in heaven where there would be no tensions and responsibilities of this world where we would be free and be in peace and harmony with God. Always we should remember that nobody is perfect in this world we tend to do mistakes but we should try to change ourself after repeatedly doing those mistakes. God is eagerly waiting on our doorstep to invite you in his world of love,peace and happiness so that we would become his child and live with him for ever.

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