How surprising that people spend their early years learning to do everything from brushing their teeth to dressing and learning to speak and listen. Then it's off to school, first for an elementary degree than a high school degree and maybe a college degree and a rare few might even do graduate work for a PHD. It seems that we are forever preparing for the future and yet our future is not on earth since we must all die at some time or another. No preparation is given to our final destination which is for all eternity and not like the few years that we live on earth. We worry about what we have here and make wills preparing for all the possessions we've collect and yet do not worry about where we are going once we leave this world.

If you were going overseas you would get your passport and shots on time for the trip, you would read up on your destination and buy currency from that country. If you had never been there you would want to learn all about that culture. But there is one trip we are all going to make and very few people get ready for this the most important and last trip of their lives. Not only that but on this trip you could arrive at the wrong place by not preparing beforehand. So many people believe in heaven but have no idea how the place works or what they would do if they got there. This all comes from the false notions that we have and get about our final resting place.

The dumbest notion we have about heaven is that it somehow looks and works like Disney World. That once you arrive, all your problems have been solved. That we will walk around in a state of bliss eating ice-cream and looking at the flowers. But God does not work with fantasies and illusions and heaven is not Disney World or a happy state of being, it is a place of work and growth. It is estimated that men use fifteen to twenty percent of their brain while living on the earth. Have you ever wonder what happened to the other eighty percent? I believe that this is the part that is saved for heaven; this is what will be used to learn the secrets of the universe and to mature in whatever gifts the Father has given you.

There is so much more to learn in this world about all the different phases of life, the material world and the science of the universe that we could spend several different life times trying to learn and not make much progress. But in heaven there are no secrets and God will reveal everything to us in due time. I believe that at whatever stage of life you stopped on earth that is where you will start in heaven. If you are slow to learn on earth you will be slow to learn in heaven. But in heaven you have all eternity to learn and mature, where on earth time is very limited.

From what I have read and studied on this subject of heaven it would seem that if you are a teacher here you would be a teacher in heaven. If you are a mechanic, painter, cook, banker, or if you have always wanted to be something else this is where you would excel at your chosen profession. Those who have spent their lives in the military would spend their eternity in Gods army in heaven. From what I have seen in dreams and heard from others who have had encounters with this subject, life only changes in that you will no longer die and you will not see sickness again. But it will be back to school again for many, many, many years for the majority of us. You will not be tall dark and handsome if you were not like that on earth, you will be you, just as Jesus is still Jesus even in heaven.

We will know each other and see our earthly parents, brothers and sisters, wife's and husbands. Those of your friends who made it will recognize you and be glad to see you in heaven. Some will arrive as if by fire, meaning they did nothing for the kingdom of God and Jesus on this earth, so in heaven they will be as manual labors doing the jobs no one wants. You will be alive but in a glorified body going about the business of life in heaven, studying, working, growing , maturing, and relating to your surroundings.

The bible says that we will be as the angels who do not marry or procreate giving Glory to God for saving us by grace. Those we win over to Jesus with our testimony will consider us their father or mothers giving us plenty of children in heaven. The fantasy that you will be praising God every hour and day is not found in the bible, what is found is that many will never see God even in heaven because they hid their talent and lived for themselves rather than for Jesus. Those who have laid down their lives for the Lord will sit with him at his table, others will serve and others will wish they could be there. This is never thought of while living on earth; it's as if it would take care of itself, when in reality it can't and won't.

What you will not find in heaven is your fallen nature or the greed and violence with which we live on earth. The anger and bitterness of past mistakes will never be remembered, pain and sorrow, sadness and grieve will be no more. Some who have died by mistake or accidents have said that once in heaven they did not want to come back to earth again, even when told it was not their time. They remember seeing streets full of happy people, some going to school, others going to work. Some had big houses other had smaller ones but were happy just the same. Everyone knew and respected each other, there were no secrets, and every person's life was laid out for all to see.

God has created everyone with a free will to choose good or evil to choose heaven or hell. Some might say "we are already in hell" but we are not in hell, not yet anyway. But if you do not prepare for your last journey you could be in for a shocker at your destination.

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