I believe that I hate most TV Evangelist as much as the next man, but you could not tell from the amount of mail I get scolding me for not being against them. I was recently scolded for saying a few kind words about Creflo Dollar on YouTube by a guy in England who thought I was too soft and probably nuts. After sending him an article I wrote about my Jesus moment he was kind enough to write back a few encouraging words.

What makes most of these evangelist tick is their A type personality. They would be successful in any type of profession they chose. I stopped to look at one in Miami which we shall call G.M. for privacy purposes. My wife met this man sometime back when he was just starting out. He had rented a store front with maybe a hundred people. From there he advanced to another building three or four times the size of his last building. This had been a church of some five hundred souls until it had split and some went with some other pastor. GM took over the remaining flock and it continued to grow until they had over a thousand.

With a large loan they bought land and built a mega structure which now holds over five thousand in one sitting. The flock now numbers over ten thousand, so, many service are now structured to meet the needs. What I found out about this individual is that he is a very ambitious and driven man. If he were selling cars he would be the best salesman in the dealership. To the point of one day having his own dealership, and then later having the largest dealership in the nation. As a preacher he has polished his English almost to perfection and this from someone who only spoke Spanish. He taught himself how to preach and how to move from side to side on the platform, he has also written several books in both Spanish and English. While reading his first book it seemed to me that it had been ghost written. Sounds crazy but many of today's great preachers as well as many celebrities have their story told by someone else then just sign on the dotted line.

I had always been very critical of him until one day as I watched him preach I had a revelation of who he was. It occurred to me that I could not run his organization which takes in 40 or fifty million dollars a year, and has over one hundred employees. It also came to my mind that he was no pasty, since to get to that type of a position you had to be a cut throat or you would never succeed. To run this type of operation you had to step on many toes and have the skin of an alligator if you really wanted to be successful. In another words this was a large corporation using the bible and as long as the people didn't complain there was no need to change the format. This man got an invitation to see the president of the USA who at the time was George W.Bush and later went on to preach around the world with some of the biggest preachers in the business. He was successful in all he had started along with all the perks of the life style.

From there I started to watch others of his caliber and realized the same thing, that I could not run this church stuff or company because of the hundreds of millions they receive yearly and the hundreds of employees they have, I just don't have the talent, education or thick skin. This makes these TV preachers some of the best business men in the world. They could take over any organization in a minute of time and succeed. Any worldly company which has a budget of one hundred million or more is a big company. The big ministries of our day take in much more than that and they are run by one man. Are they men of God? No, they are instruments of God for different purposes which God can use for a situation or job and then toss away. God never looses, he will take there work and later throw them to the pit, He is always smarter then us. And less we forget, a really big ego needs to be fed with the food of pride which in this case means a mansion, a jet, a Rolls Royce or something similar and a collection of Rolexes.

Just now Creflo is working on getting his own Gulf Stream Jet to the tune of some 65 million dollars to add to his two Rolls Royces and several homes. Is he wrong, not really, if he were working for IBM he would be in the higher management level and living that type of life. Plus the people who pay for this stuff seem to think that it makes him look good and they want to have the best of the best when it comes to their pastor. It comes down to bragging rights "my pastor is bigger than yours."

The Father uses these humongous egos full of pride and vanity much as the world uses its CEO and top managers, to build bigger companies, in Gods case a bigger kingdom. Very few people could run one of these organizations and without them Gods kingdom would not grow as fast as it has been growing. It is from these organizations that God picks who he will save and who will be by his side. It is his store where he shops for whatever new ring he will wear on his finger that day.

If you have ever met the general manager of a large corporation and I have, you would quickly come to realize that they do not think like us. These people are super intense, and very well disciplined. They are highly competitive and many have a workaholic nature. This is the same characteristic which I have seen in both the women televangelist and the male televangelist, they are intense and will stop at nothing to build their own kingdom and make their dreams come true. You will notice that a 60 year old male or female evangelist has no gray hair. Even in their 70 they still have black hair and no noticeable wrinkles. Which begs to ask "Did Paul color his hair or stretch his wrinkles??"I don't think so, but these are really movie stars and corporation presidents who need to look cute all the time.

If Ford or Google were hiring would they hire just anybody? No they would hire only the best for the top positions. God's kingdom is the same, for the top positions he hires only the best even if they are not saved or know Him. Anyone can be saved but not anyone can run a big ministry, only the top, top people can run a really big ministry and they don't even have to know the God they are preaching about they just have to stay cute, the people love them. Titus 1:16 They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him.

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