Is Christmas really the day Jesus the Son of God was born, is December 25 the only day we should celebrate this divine event? No, because Jesus is born every minute of every day in someone's heart. The second you except Jesus into your life and make him you're Lord and Savior, God Almighty deposits a seed in your heart as he did to Mary. You are now impregnated with his Son and he is born in your heart. This means that Jesus is born millions of times each day throughout the world in every class and age group and people.

Today Jesus is born in Bangalore India, Cali Colombia, San Juan Puerto Rico, Brooklyn New York, Moscow, Paris, Cape Town, Tahiti, Cuba, and even places as different as Iran, North Korea and China. Wherever he is accepted he will be born and he will speak that language and be of that culture. He is not a Jesus of the Americans or the Europeans; he is not a catholic or protestant Jesus, Baptist or Pentecostal. Jesus is the Christ for every living being.

He is no longer the Jewish Messiah but is the African Christ, the Chinese Christ, Indian Christ, American and Spanish Christ and Christ to all who will accept him. He is white, he is black, he is Indian and Japanese, aborigine, and French, German and Swede. Once he was born in Israel but now he is born everywhere, angels still praise him and the poor and disenfranchised worship him. He is still the gift of God that brings peace and healing to the nations.

The rich and famous still think that God well send them a king who will live in a castle and act like them. They still believe that he well come for the move star or the famous athlete, president of a nation, or the kings and queens of this world system. But Jesus is still born in a manger which is the heart of the poor, the low class, criminal, prostitute, junkie, and those forgotten by society but loved by God. He is born a mechanic, farmer, cab driver, street vender, garbage collector, teacher, or lawyer. A prophet still has no honor in his own home, those who live with Jesus are still looked at as weak and not worthy of God.

When you are truly born again you will have bought a child into this world, Jesus the Son of God. That day is you're Christmas, a day you will never forget, and a day to celebrate forever. Since you have a child to look after, it stands to reason that you must take care of the divine gift. As in the bible Herod will always want to kill the child, Herod in this case is the world and those who do not believe. The child will grow up in you, with your DNA, and you will have his. He will eat what you eat and sleep where you sleep. Those around you will call you a liar and one day try and crucified the Lord that is in you. It is up to you to keep the child safe. But you are not alone for the Holy Spirit will always be with you as will Gods angels. Merry Christmas to all.

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