Religions need not to be advertised globally owing to the fact that the religious people already have a religious mentality towards their own particular personalities and beliefs.It seems simply meaningless to advertise Christianity in front of religious monks following Buddhism,simply meaningless to advertise Islam in front of Hindus, simply meaningless to advertise Sikhism in front of Islamic people and so on.Why to do such an activity? Why to force somebody to follow or to discuss about other religions except his own? Why to globalize the unwanted strengths or weaknesses of any particular religion if already the facts about that individual religion have been mentioned in the epics? The people who are already satisfied and are feeling proud to be a Hindu will never want himself to follow Christianity or Islam.This is only because of the fact that the particular people following any particular religion have already been provided the cultures and a strong feedback by his/her particular family to feel himself proud to be the follower of his particular religion. Religions followed by any of the family inside the world keeps a greater importance for themselves since they are being guided by the policies and morals of their own 'Heros' whose activities motivate them a lot a lead their lives.

Most of the people all over the world performs such a humorous kind of activity and utilize the different medium of advertising their religions whether by print media,visual media etc. They even do not think at all to quote the individual quotations mentioned in their holy epics about any particular performances.These activities actually must not be done by the people all over the world.The persons who are already influenced by the morals and principles of Lord Guru Nanak Dev and who have done a depth study of GURUGRANTH will not even want in their dreams to follow the principles of any other. Similar situations will hold for other religions as well since the people following them have a depth trust on the principles mentioned in the epics of their individual religion.Studies must be done regularly by the people following different religions and facts must be understood by themselves. All the religious epics have been provided with the motivational facts that will definitely inspire the people to get themselves attached with the almighty god by the power of whom the entire world is continuously running and a steady state is maintained even after the deadly disasters.

Based on the studies of the religious epics, all the religions teaches us the truth related to the beginning of the universe by the power of the almighty God. They teaches us to lead our lives following the power of truth, non-violence, motivation, revolt against unwanted activities and love towards the people in the surroundings. All of the religions have themselves been globalized to follow such principles to get the people attached towards the hidden inspirational power of the almighty GOD. Ultimately, it can undoubtedly be stated that GOD IS ALMIGHTY AND ALMIGHTY IS GOD. Think broader and think wider to integrate the people all over the world and advertise love and affection towards each other.

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