Do you feel forgotten?
Have you sincerely tried to get out from where you are right now?
Do you feel all is lost and what is the point of trying.

I want to say to you that you should not accept that thinking. Alot may have happened in your life in the past but the great possibilities in your future are endless. There is more to you than you realise.

Luke 12v7 - Even the hairs on your head are all numbered.

This was Christ talking. This is how much God knows all about you.It is not just statistics. He wants to help. He doesn't love you less than everybody else. Don't be cast down when others around you seem to make it. Trust God for your turn. He is faithful.

You also have to make some decisions. You have to have a relationship with Christ our Lord. If after trying things your way, you didn't like the results, try His way.

Get out from all the busy and noisy stuff around you. Spend some time apart to learn and hear from Him. I'm not saying that you will hear some mysterious voice from somewhere. No. He will speak to your heart. Only you can hear this for yourself. It may be in form of ideas or some creative stuff coming to your heart. Cultivate it. Trust it. he more you hear, the better.

Trust Him.
He is faithful.
He won't forsake you.
There is hope.

About Author / Additional Info:
Akinola Olusanya is a christian author who is passionate about teaching and inspiring people who may feel left behind by life. He seeks to inspire them to succeed and live fulfilled lives.
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