After the disobedience of Adam and Eve and the killing of Abel by his brother Cain, mankind went on a killing spree for 6000 years that has produced over 2 billion lives murdered or killed in war. Men think nothing of plundering whole nations and killing their fellow men in ethnic cleansing. Today men and women are still dying in record numbers every year, even though we consider ourselves civilized by yesterday's standards. This was all produced by men's fall from God's grace and being cast out into an empty and dark world controlled by the powers of darkness.

Once cast out into a world of violence, Adam took on the nature of the beast in order to survive and became a liar, a thief and a murderer. He would now act like the animals he had named and produce seed according to his own kind. For Adam and Eve the world was now upside down, evil became good, and good became evil, darkness was the light and the light became darkness. It would become easier to hate than to love and meanness and cruelty were the norm by which to live by. Their children would have to be taught how to do good and not the evil they were born with. They would live by the sword and continue to slaughter each other for generations to come.

Mankind would sink deeper and deeper into wickedness and become like depraved animals following their new master Satan who wanted to be like God and attempted to compete with God Almighty for the hearts of humanity. Men now became predators like the lions and tigers and craved flesh and blood. Everything that God hated men would adore, yet he was patient not wanting to destroy his prized possession. Satan's sin had been his pride and vanity, this he would pass on to men and women who would see themselves as smarter than the creator and worship the creature more than the creator. But God had a plan to help his creation get lose from the yoke of darkness and come back to the light.
No one will ever be able to explain the bigness of what Jesus Christ has done for us. The human mind cannot conceive of a person leaving a perfectly functioning life of splendor and joy to come to a dark and gloomy world of poverty and sickness, violence and decay. No one on earth would do such a thing, the sacrifice would be too large, and the humiliation, suffering, and pain would be beyond enduring.

To this dark and sinister world was born Jesus Christ the son of God. The Christ, who has always been with the Father and shares in his deity, left a perfect place of love and order to come to a world of total disorder and dysfunction. He who had never heard lies or gossip would now spend thirty three years seeing the greed, cruelty and hate of humanity. In heaven he had never heard anyone slander God or seen someone stealing or beating up his neighbors, but once on earth he would see this all around him. In heaven the only treachery he had seen was the one where Satan said, "I well be as the most high God," but here he would be betrayed by his own best friends. Treachery and rebellion were the standards of human nature after the fall.

Where in heaven he lived in a gold palace with streets of gold, Rev.21:18 and had angels waiting on him to meet his every need, on earth he came as a carpenter's son born in a manger. He who had never committed a sin in heaven or earth would be condemned to die on a cross by a dysfunctional society given to depravity. The pride of men made them see Jesus as a threat and obstacle in their search for fleshly perversion and greed. Men could not look at the light in Jesus eyes for fear of seeing their own souls and evil ways. He who had been King was now thought of as a criminal and delivered to be beaten and humiliated in front of his earthly mother and brothers and the entire universe. The prince of peace was seen as the prince of darkness by a fallen race living like the animals they hunted for food.

Since he knew the thoughts of all men, for He was God, He could have stopped all this at any time and gone back to heaven and His position of authority with the Father. But God had sent Him as a lamb to be slaughtered, in order to give mankind a chance to be redeemed and come back to the Garden of Eden. Mankind's own dysfunction would be the means for their own salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because no one wanted to pay the cost for humans to make it to heaven, God sent his only Son to die for all who would believe in Him. Those who despise Jesus still see him as the people did when he walked around Jerusalem. Just a man who might do good but must be watched to see if he has some interior motive. And yet his motives are pure, He just wants to see you get saved from the wrath of God who despises sin and evil behavior. Where Adam brings you the darkness, Jesus brings you the light, and the light does work.

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