Chronicles Of Power and Miracles
They said he was dying and had only a few days to live so they called on the elders of the church to pray for him one last time. I remember the head elder say he had already done all he could do, but when his brother kelp begging them to do something he went along with him. I also went to watch and see what could be done. Three of the elders lay hands on Jimmy and the head elder spoke and asked if Jimmy believed that Jesus could heal him. To which Jimmy said yes. As I looked the room filled with the presence of the Lord Jesus and it seemed like time stood still. There was a loud cry from Jimmy as he was picked up by an unseen force and thrown to the middle of the room on his feet. He looked at us all and said, "he just healed me, Jesus just healed me." The look of joy was contagious and we were all laughing and thanking God for the love and mercy he had just displayed to a sick and dying man. Jimmy dressed and went out to the streets to tell the people what had happen and how he had been healed by Jesus He wanted the world to know but few were ready to accept that God had done something so great for someone so insignificant in their eyes.

What I cannot forget was the power with which he was picked up and thrown as if he were a mere toy landing on his feet five feet away from where he had been laying on his stomach. It was almost like watching a pair of pants being blown away by a hurricane. Such was the power of the Mighty God that the room in which he had been laying in for days stayed as if you were in the holy of holies in Gods presences. Not even the local church would believe that mighty miracles had been done by the same God they all served.
He was 6 feet 4 and his weight was down to 115 pounds, his family had left him for dead at the local hospital where the doctors had given him two more months to live. At one time he had been a high school basketball star and had showed promise as a college player. Then the headaches started and later it was the dizziness and lack of strength in his legs. He took the summer of to work on his strength and try to overcome the headaches. But nothing worked and soon he was seeing the doctor twice a week. After a brain scan, cancer was detected on the right side of the brain; the doctors said he had less than a year to live.
One day two of his friends walked him out of the hospital to a local Pentecostal church where I had been congregating. As they stepped into the church the pastor said, God can heal this men and make him like new. As we watched the elders laid hands him and anointed him with oil. They prayed for the healing and waited but nothing happened. There was a feeling of sadness in the air as the sick man waited and waited to see what would happen. Then a brother in one of the aisles stood up and said." Thus said the Lord, he will not be healed until someone takes on his infirmities and travails for his life." That same brother soon came forward and dropped on his knees and started to cry out to God for Greg's healing. He cried and cried which soon turned to wailing as he fell over and rolled on his back in such pain as had never been seen by the church. This went on for some ten minutes when suddenly a noise like lighting striking was heard and some people started to cry, that's when Greg shouted out.' it is done I have been healed by Jesus I can see again'. He lifted up his arms and started to sing in tongues as the Holy Spirit came on us all. The room felt like a bowl of soup it was so thick with the Glory of God.
During the next weeks Greg put on 20 pounds and started to do exercise all over again. His hair grew back and there was joy where a month back there had been death. Again there was great opposition from the local churches and religious leaders about Greg's healing. This reminded me of the opposition that followed Jesus ministry when he walked this earth.

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