In this document .I have touched on a possible financial meltdown that most think is behind us, I'm afraid to tell you that what passed could possibly be just the opening salvo and if we remained unscathed in that fracas and was not caught up in the cross fire we should consider ourselves fortunate. What potentially follows may start the cycle of progressive economical failures and market meltdowns the pain of which will be hard to avoid and Allah swt knows best. No matter what the exact date may be when the first cracks start to appear, those eager to test the waters with an early baptism into the 'recovering housing market' you were publicly warned. I too desperately await the arrival of an Islamic leader to rectify the state of affairs but in the meantime I fear the problems may materialize quicker than the solution and besides it is us who must prepare the way for such a leader to come. The near term solution and the solution that can be acted on immediately, on an individual basis and in the absence of an authoritative shield to seek protection from is to seek it in the God given currency prescribed for us long before we strayed from the path of monetary wisdom and that is - Gold. Let me offer a worst case scenario and let me exclaim this is merely a picture of what could happen only in a worst case scenario. Envisage a time when the writing will be so clear on the wall that individuals on a global scale seek protection from financial destruction. Many will turn to gold as a solution as is already proving to be the case now. They seek its historical financial advantage in an effort to protect their families from hardship at that time. The price by then will probably not be affordable to many. People will have given up hope of their governments ability to protect them and fear will be replaced by anger. Astronomically high unemployment numbers will exist. Taxes will sky rocket. And if energy prices soar then the cost of food and essential goods goes through the roof while people realize the danger and clear the shelves. Social benefits strain under the demand and eventually fails. Governments pursue the policy of transferring the wealth of the affluent into government coffers whilst the public applaud. Then it becomes the middle classes turn to be the next target on the authorities financial hit list, followed by the working class as they slowly realise the full guile and inventiveness of the governments intentions. The Bank of England as well as Central Banks around the world print extreme levels of their own currency to avoid depression, money quickly loses its value as a result. Unforeseen financial events not flagged up by the industries computer modeling forecasters begin to emerge. Huge overhangs of debt from derivative markets explode one causing another, bringing down major financial institutions. Expect to see angry Muslims running with the angry protesting crowds at that time complaining of the failure of governments sympathy to their needs. As retail outlets feel the pinch and can no longer justify the costs of maintaining an outlet in impoverished areas they are left with no choice but to shut up shops for good. Those shops that remain open in struggling areas will constantly have barely dressed shelf's caused by the failures of supply distribution and the inconsistency of their customers to provide cash. Some people may even turn to their own allotments and backyards to grow anything to feed the family. Want and hunger may prevent rationality and reason and borderline civilized society faced with mounting debts see little reason to remain civilized and may resort to acts of selfishness and criminal behavior. Now try to imagine reasoning with people at that time and offering them the same solution we have offered them for years but yet it is still intangible, even to us, a hard sell indeed. Which is why we need practical solutions on the ground now and in advance of any difficulties before its too late. The people who might hold the public attention at that time might be the people who can offer real practical solutions that have both immediate effect as well as being the beginning of a long term solution. A world division might ensue in which the western economies burdened with debt slowly descend into a pit of failure whilst the rest of the world capitalize on cheap labor and a rich industrialized future but with an ever increasing and very real threat of imminent war from the west.

If anyone still beckons the oncoming of such events because they only believe in the total breakdown of society before people will be ready to accept Islam please stand up so that we can all get a good idea of what stupid looks like in all its glory. Reckless and destructive behavior often takes less brain power than design and constructive behavior. I for one support all constructive efforts to build an Islamic future based on the divinely guided blueprint first shown to us by Prophet Mohammed pbuh. Which was the only time until now when a state had to be implemented from scratch.

Unless you have been living on planet Mars recently you could not have failed to notice golds price value seem to increase since the year 2001 and directly after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. when the price of gold was roughly $260. According to the press its value has reached new all time highs when it penetrated the $1200 per ounce mark. Do you know why? I have news for you the value of gold has gone no where it has remained as static as it always was. The value of the dollar has collapsed at a more intense rate since 2001 and more recently as predicted, the value of all world currencies have begun to follow suit in a race to the bottom. People of wealth are finding it increasingly difficult to find vehicles to preserve their wealth and the smart money have turned their attention to gold the old barbarous relic, the most hated investment class of so called western financial masters of the universe. Major news media have begun sounding the alarm to mark the top of the gold market. Mark my words, I would not pay any attention to them and if you still scour the pages of the Times or the Guardian and god forbid the Sun newspaper to be rightly guided, ask yourself one question, if they could not see these events approaching when others could, how are they now the ones to coach us out of the difficulties. That thinking also applies to our politicians.

Over recent years I have painstakingly tried to familiarize myself with some of the benefits of owning and trading with gold as well as the issues with the general market over all. I am no Einstein as is easily detected from this script and willingly accommodate those who are better informed than I but I hope this article has shed some light on a the very real problems we could be unfortunate to face in the not too distant future and the responsibility that we have as Muslims to offer a solution. I hope it was an eye opener for those who are not familiar with this issue as it was for me when I first began to be aware of the problem.

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