In the 1951 September issue of The Voice of Healing there are many, many miracles taking place as the healing evangelist of the forties and fifties travel across the United States and Canada preaching and healing thousands of people during one of the most productive eras of the gospel of Christ. Because of the outstanding work done by Gordon Lindsay during those days in printing the Voice of Healing and the men and women who saved all this material, we can still read about such man as William Branham, AA Allen, Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, Leon D Hall, TL Osborn, Raymond T Richey, W.V. Grant and Gayle Jackson to name just a few.

In the late forty's and early fifty's there were more than fifty healing evangelist making their way across the United States and much of the world. Some of these men had already seen great healing crusades as children when Alexander Dowie and later John G. Lake were at their prime. By the early sixties the healing anointing had vanished and many today claim that it was just a cycle of God. I don't believe it was a cycle because Jesus never worked in cycles he just healed where there was a need. I believe that there was so much unbelief both in the church and in the general public that the Holy Spirit was grieved and so the big healing campaigns came to an end.
The great need for physical as well as mental healing has never been greater than what it is today and yet there are very few real men of God doing this work. The media as well as the church doctrines that teach against physical healing share much of the blame, but not all. There is a lack of real faith in those who say they believe and the preachers who speak about healings but do not live as the gospel expects them to live. If you study the past you cannot but wonder where it is we are going, they had daily meetings where the sick and demon possessed were freed from their ills in the Name of Jesus. Many people were healed of blindness, cancers, and tumors, people who had never walked took their first steps and children who had never spoken said their first words. Now everything is slick and polished to a T but there is no power and no miracles. Something I read for this article caught my eye, Jesus told one of these healing evangelists not to sale any merchandise because it would erode his authority and makes it seem like the Father could not meet his needs.

Here I sense is the great mistake that Gods servants are making today, they are trying to sell the gospel in any way they can, in books, records, videos, curios, and any artifact they can pick up overseas and sell here. They have reduced church to a flea market in order to make the payments on the huge structures they are building. It reminds me of Solomon and his building craze, he taxed the people till they hated him, but this will never usher in the power of God which Jesus and later the apostles used to evangelize. The early church worked in the power of God and spread the message throughout the world with miracles confirming that it was a work of the Father.
There are many web sites dedicated to saving the work which was done in the past as a sign of what could be done for the men and women who want to be used by God in this fashion. The work of John G. Lake is still available on John G. Lake Ministries web site which is now run by Curry Blake. RW Schambach has some great testimonies of AA Allen healing the sick on U Tube, and the work of Gordon Lindsay on divine healing is still available on the Voice of Healing web site with thousands of pages of miracles done by some of the greatest men of God this nation has ever produced.

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