Gods word is a rock. On it lie all the foundations for my life. My life is a book. I am currently on page 4 of eternity. The beginning of my life has barely emerged. With the Lord, a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Time will continue to go on in this world. Life will go on as long as time tells it to. Even when earthly lives come to an end, earthly time will not.

The motor that controls our bodies will continue to work until its time has come to a halt. When its time has come to a halt, time and life will finally intercede. But that day will take care of itself.

Time and life are two different things. In my life i must not worry about time but instead worry about how i could make the best out of my life. Time will worry about itself. Someday, time and life will intercede. I am not worrying about that day. For me, that day will take care of itself even if it comes at all. Death is not the end for me but merely a beginning, a beginning that does not include time and life that intercede. For in that place, time will cease to exist.

About Author / Additional Info:
My name is Alexander Major and i am very interested in Bible Prophecy and Eschatology.