Can people actually put curses on other people effectively? Are demonic spirits real? How do they make themselves known? These are quite a series of questions for today. A year deemed by many to be the year of increased knowledge. Being the curious person that I am this thing about curses and spirits interested me. I wanted to see if these things were ancient myths or still being used today.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to work with a group of elders in Christian Deliverance. The mission of the group of older people was to use God's word and its power against the forces of darkness. It was in 1987 that I set out to see if all this spiritual stuff was for real. I went here and there, read all the books I could get my hands on and proceeded to find out what others had said was phony. I spent the first year or so just reading all the aged books on spirituality I could find. I read from authors like Smith Wigglesworth and others who seemed to be able to speak to evil and it would retreat. So here I was, a tiny lady from North Carolina a Bible belt state searching for the truth yet again.

Nothing seems to be bad enough for me to think Satan had a hand in it. I doubted much that I saw at the beginning. My husband did not want me working in this area and he made his opinion very clear. My children both married and away from home didn't think too much about it. In fact my daughter dismissed it as being a wild goose chase of sorts.

I suppose all my hometown buddies have heard about me and keep me at arms length. They are all strict Baptist folk and do not go near anything evil. They are however just as curious as myself.

One night I received a phone call from my daughter who lived in South Carolina. She seemed very upset to say the least. She quickly filled me in on all the unusual things happening in the house there. They had bought the old mansion style house and had spent tons of money remodeling it. After they had finished, it was a beauty. I had always loved older houses with the old door knobs, thick wooden doors and porches. However I had not felt comfortable in this one because of the coldness. Everyone was moving around in shorts and tee shirts. I had to wear a coat even on the hottest of days.

Knowing my daughter was a more serious person I listened intently while she continued to tell me about the odd things going on in the house. The toilet lid would flap up and down all by itself. The lights would come on and off by themselves with no one home. Flies would appear on the screened in porch out of no where, and the story went on and on. I suppose she thought I was not taking her very serious because she saved the best for last. She stated the doorbell kept ringing all night long. I reminded her it could be children just playing a few tricks on the young couple. She then urgently told me that the door bell was NOT hooked up and the wires were exposed to prove it. This was among some of the last things they had expected to do to the wooden two story house.

I was asked to come the next day with the group in my Deliverance Group and fix the problem. I agreed to call them and set up a time to visit her.
When we arrived the next day everything was as quiet as could be. She lived in a very quiet neighborhood among mostly retired people. It was a very small little town with one drug store and a few odd shops.
The elders asked my daughter and my baby grandson to stay outside the house until we had finished our cleansing. She quickly agreed wanting no part at all in this ordeal.

As we entered the house we began speaking loudly while quoting the word of God. Some members walked to the back and into every part of the house. I stayed in the front praying and reading scriptures from the Bible. Suddenly the house became alive. The doors opened and slammed shut at will. The lights went on and off and the cabin doors flew open and slammed shut randomly. I watched as the house became as cold as ice. I could see vapors flowing from our mouths as if we were in a very large freezer. As one man approached the nursery, the door slammed in his face. He quietly reached for the door opening it again. Room after room they entered cleaning as they went. I watched because I was the youngest of the group and the only woman. I was also closer to the exit doorway.

Once every room was anointed and cleansed the house became quiet again. My teeth were chattering from the cold, but soon the heat again filled the room and I was comfortable. My daughter was correct; the house had spirits inside it and they did not want anyone else living there. We left feeling good about the cleansing and ask my daughter to keep us informed. Nothing else was reported but they did move within the same year. I think it was just too much to wrap the mind around for two young people concerned for their first child.

It was reported years later that the house had been sold several times and now stood empty. The spirits returned after my daughter and her family moved away. I found out much later that the house had originally belonged to an old man and women who were into the dark arts. The spirits they used felt they owned the house even after the two had passed away and they do to this day. No one likes to be uprooted from their home, even evil spirits.

About Author / Additional Info:
Author is Sybil Shearin a Christian native of North Caroline. She is a published author, writer and poet. Her articles and stories have gone around the world. Find some of her poetry on Poetry.poem, or Rose Petals Poetry. Look for her on the internet by just her name.