Night Watch
I heard a very gentle voice from the other side of my bed, as I sat up to look I could see a person but he was not a person in the real sense, but he was there none the less. Who are you, and what do you want? He said that it was not important who he was but he had come because of my need. So what can you do for me I asked? If you allow me I can walk you through this thing you are going through he replied.

What I was going through was a case of terminal cancer which I had been informed would kill me in less than a years' time. I had stopped working and just stayed around the house worrying about my wife and what would happen from here on in. There was not a moment I did not think about my predicament and what was to come. Even as I ate my dinner I could see a shadow in the bottom of the dish staring back at me. When this happened I just left the table to lie down and pray that God would help me through this cruel nightmare.

I got up and dressed, my wife had already gone to work so I had the house all to myself once again. When I entered the living room he or she was there sitting on the sofa, I could just make out a shadow but it or he was definitely there looking at me. Do you drink coffee or have breakfast I asked? No I don't do that he replied. But I will help you with your house work and some of the cooking. It came to me that here I was talking to someone or something I could not see but in my mind I found it perfectly normal. I sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee as if I was sitting with my father or brother and we just chatted for some time. You know God is very worried about you, he thinks you might not make it. Wow, I could not believe it, if this worried God what chance did I have of ever being healed. But if you learn to have faith, real faith you well be healed and go on to victory he said. I have come to teach you that faith otherwise you would lose your mind over this.

For some unknown reason he was always gone by 10 in the morning, one moment he would be there than the next he would just vanish, I never found out why. That morning I was going to the doctor's office to have my prescription filled out, in innocence I thought I would invite my new friend but he was gone. I spoke to the air just in case he could hear me. How are you going to help me without giving me any advice, come to the doctor's office with me and let's see what he has to say? But no he was gone and would not return till morning.

As I left the doctor's office a man I had seen there before came bye to say hello, he gave me a book and said I should take a look at it. The name of the book was Ever Increasing Faith, by Smith Wigglesworth. I took it home and spent the afternoon reading it. I had never read of God healing sickness just because you reminded him of his word. It was a book full of miracles and hope, of serving God and helping people receive their own miracles. I told my spirit friend the next morning and he suggested another book by a husband and wife team called the Hunters, the book was Healing the Sick, by Frances and Charles Hunter.

Then there were other books like I Believe in Miracles by Katherine Kuhlman, Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, The Happiest People on Earth by Demos Shakarian, The life of John G Lake by Kenneth Copeland and Signs and Wonders by Marie Woodworth Etter. This bought new meaning to my life and I felt sure that Jesus would heal me if I stood firm in my new faith. These books also led me to the bible which I started to read as if I had been starving for years.

All this time I had kept most of this from my wife who went about her life as best as she thought while trying to give me some comfort. One night while praying I fell asleep and had a dream in which God said very clearly," You well not die but live for me the rest of your life." The next morning as I got out of bed, I knew that the cancer was gone, it was just a feeling of wholeness all over my body that was very hard to explain but I knew that I knew that I was new. But something else happened, my friend came one last time to say good bye. He told me that I would never see him again because it was all by faith and not by sight; he had stayed three months till I had developed faith in God and his word. Years later I would learn that this had been the Holy Spirit.

Twenty-one years later and now at the age of 64 I feel as healthy as a forty year old, the cancer never came back. I still read Gods word and the faith books and can just about see him who bought me through this ordeal but he is always beyond my reach. I have been to many church services and bible studies, but I have never seen anything in comparison to my nights with my invisible friend.

About Author / Additional Info:
I enjoy writing about the God I have met. I am alive because of his great love.