Christian Walk Today is a place for learning Christian lifestyle, discussing Christian views, understanding Christian culture and walking out the Christian life. Christian Walk Today is for open minded conversation about lifestyle and culture. Understanding and discussing the lifestyle, views, and perspectives of popular culture will help Christian Men & Christian Women to better walk out what is important to them. It is time for the Christian community to make the Christian lifestyle as attractive and braded as its many competitors. Christianity goes beyond the four walls of the church. Christian Men & Christian Women are vilified for being overly critical, hypocritical, and overbearing.

The time for stretching is at hand. The Lord has allowed turmoil to take place to move me into Christian Lifestyle a higher place later. The time of suffering now will pale in comparison to where God has me going. The Lord is my marital partner and my marriage is with him in the correct season the Lord will release me for marriage. Christian Walk Today release is approaching after I've been refined through walking in the fire. Christian Men & Christian Women will to love the Lord will aid me in my ability to love my future mate.

Application of S.P.A.C.E. P.E.T.S. Acronym in action Sin to Confess - Wanting things the easy way instead of God's promise

Promise to claim - Lord has wealth, health, and family already laid aside for me.

Attitude to change - Stop wanting the quick way out of Christian Lifestyle.

Command to Obey - Be a prayer warrior and reach the masses.

Example to follow - Isaiah said to the Lord "send me" I say to the Lord send me!

Prayers to pray - Father God meet me and elevate me as I lift up your word follow your commands and learn your ways. I need you, honor you; help me be a doer and not only a sayer.

Error to avoid- allowing success to derail me.

Truth to believe - God always keeps his promises.

Something to praise God for - His belief and creation of me to deposit something in this earth of significance.

Nevertheless, the importance of acknowledging God in everything that we do is a powerful lifeline that always results in favorable outcomes - often times unimaginable. If Christian Men & Christian Women stop to think about it, our actions tend to yield many stressors that could have been avoided when we do not acknowledged God in our day to day plans. Each and every day is another opportunity to live your best life with sheer abandonment. This statement may appear to be a newfound cliche that sounds easy to achieve, but it's not. I've learned that if I do not acknowledge God everyday and include Him in everything that I attempt to do simply results in a wasted day of my life.

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"Christian Walk Today Says": Christian Walk Today is a place for Christian men and Christian women to discuss Christian issues, and debate or understand Christian perspectives on key issues in hopes to improve their Christian lifestyle