I have spent the better part of 28 years speaking and writing on divine healing. I trust Jesus with my life as well as my family's lives. For me the word of God is the final authority on all the issues of life. Now some may call me a fanatic and they would be right. If I spent half of the time I spend with God on a baseball or football game or following a team I would be called a fanatic of that team or game, instead I am a fanatic of Jesus because He is the one I follow

But things happen even with Jesus at your side. An example. I had been feeling really bad for four months while all the while praying for a healing of whatever was making me so sick. Not knowing any better (sometimes we fanatics are really stupid) I flew to Bogota to spend some time with my friends Luigi and Fabian Crizon in prayer. While there I became really sick and lost a lot of weight. Five days after arriving back home I was rushed to the local hospital after I passed out. I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic with a sugar reading of 900 when a normal reading is somewhere between 80 and 100. This came as a shock since no one in my family had ever been a diabetic. At first I refused the insulin believing that Jesus would heal me in a few minutes but when that did not happen I gave in and had my first shot of insulin.

I spent three days at the hospital which was awful for me and my faith in divine healing. Once home it became a ritual for me every morning to begin the day checking my blood sugar and injecting myself with two different types of insulin. I realized that if this could happen anything could happen and I would have to eat the fact that healing in Jesus name was not always the answer. I kept my doctor informed of my condition and blood sugar numbers daily. I also had to take two different types of blood pressure pills and other stuff. As the days went by and then the months I kept praying and asking God if this was all he could do for me.

In a serious of dreams the Lord started to show me how to take control of my diabetes and change my eating habits. He also showed me that this had been allowed to happen in order to stop something worse from happening because of all the sugar and fats I ate. As I thought over my life and what I stood for I knew that I could never speak on divine healing again if I continued on as a diabetic. At this time I was also informed that I needed surgery for my right hip. Another words I needed a hip replacement. It was no longer a case of talking about faith and writing a few articles on Jesus healing the sick. It was now time for me to put up or shut up about what I had believed about God and the bible.

With these two things on my plate I started to really make plans for the future or lack of. I decided that I would not have a hip replaced. I have known several people who have had this done and they have taken years to recover. So I told the Lord that life here was not that important for me at the age of 70 with a bad hip and diabetes to boot. That I thought it was better for me to go to my divine home than live like this. I was serious about this and started to get my things in order. What I had asked God for was to let me die in my sleep so I could finally see his face.

But that did not happen. Instead my hip was healed as I slept one night and it never bothered me again. After this I knew I had to take a stand with the Lord on my diabetes. I started first to cut my injections in half and gave up taking all the other medicines. Later I cut it even more without telling anyone but my great physician, Dr. Jesus. I also read all the old faith books which I had so many times recommended again and again. In one of them I read where a man had been healed of diabetes while listening to AA Allen preach on divine healing. This gave me a lot of faith that along with the hip God could also heal me of the diabetes and any damage the diabetes had done to my liver or kidneys. I started to pray like never before and believe that Jesus cared enough for me and all people, that with my faith and his I could be healed of this thing.

It worked, my numbers are now perfect and I have stopped taking all medicine and insulin. Of course I never went back to eating like an animal. Now I watch my sugar intake and stay away from most starches which are the enemy of all diabetics. I also can now walk like a normal person without the immense pain in my right hip. So even though I still don't know the why of such happening's in our life, I do know that Jesus is still in control and can make it happen for you. With that said I don't recommend you leave your medicine unless you hear from God that he will honor your faith. If you don't have this type of faith you can build it up little by little by reading the New Testament and other faith books.

Books on divine healing were instrumental in building up my faith for these miracles to happen. These are some of the books I read. Fourth Dimension by Paul Yonggi Chow, A Man Called Mr. Pentecost by David Du Plessis, John G. Lake by Kenneth Copeland, Shout it from the House Tops by Pat Robertson, The Happiest People on Earth by Demos Shakarian, The Cross and the Switch Blade by David Wilkerson. And finally one of my favorites, Living a Life of Fire by Reinhard Bonnke. Most of these books I read over and over along with the bible in order to live a life of faith. But without a relationship with Jesus Christ all this would be in vain, even reading all the faith books in the world would not be enough if you don't know Jesus. John 17:3

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