The Bhagavad Gita is a religious text for recitation and the holy Book yields results which are of immense value. It has great a value even with a partial recitation, done on a regular basis. The whole effort of the Lord is to insist on Action . Arjuna has to perform the action and he can not give up arms,though he has to fight his own relatives, in the battle field. He can not forsake action, in consideration of filial relationships. Renunciation is quite possible, but Lord Sri Krishna says that he prefers Karma Yoga to Sankhya Yoga. In other words, Action has a preference over renunciation.

Sri Krishna says that both Happiness and Sorrow should be accepted similarly. Human Life does not have a steady flow and Man has to experience the repercussions of his previous wrong doings of the earlier Birth. A man will re-gain and stand on his feet, once again. But, in between the extremes of Life, he should not lose his composure. Honor for him should not be an intoxicant and dishonor should not deject him. Action has to continue and he has never to consider the fruits of his Action and he has to keep it free from all anticipation. Man has the right to action only, declares the Lord.

Lord Krishna states that all facets of Life should be anticipated, but whatever happens, a man has to persist with his endeavor .A daily reading of the Gita will be highly supportive, in the Corporate Struggle of the present day world. For a corporate worker, Competence is the one trait which has to be constantly established. He has certain business relationships and he has to keep them protected. He can not afford a personal animosity and the Bhagavad Gita exhorts him on viewing all those that stand by him and those that fight him, free from all passion. In the Corporate world, friends and enemies may change places sometimes and in a situation of such description, he should not trip and fall. In the Life of Action, Friend and Enemy should appear alike and he should not lose hold of his tranquil mind.

Sometimes, a failure may be encountered in a Corporate venture. Still,the Executive can not run away from action, in the interests of the Establishment, to which he is a servant. All defeat should be accepted as a bitter pill. It is one of the lessons he gathers from the Gita. There is a counsel that all emotions must be kept in check. In an enterprise, sometimes, results may be very much unpredictable. Life is a perpetual struggle and irrespective of the outcome, the struggle has to continue. Action, or Karma, has to go on. It is Nishkama Karma, the performance of action, without waiting for the outcome.

Achievement and non-achievement are the two haunting experiences of the employee of the private sector. If he loses heart each time he receives a set back, he can not survive for long in the competition. He has to keep his his mind strong between the two possible extremes and persist with his endeavor, once again to the healthy being of the Business House. Many meanings can be obtained from the preachings of Lord Sri Krishna and His words are an essence of Practical Philosophy. For Arjuna, He is a motivator, asking him not to desist from Action, when the Scene is set for the great Fight for a Cause. There is an ultimate revelation also, in the form of Viswa Roopa, that nothing can go beyond him and all function within Him, the only Reality.

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The Author is a Retired Principal and he is presently offering his services to Khammam Institute of Technology and Sciences, KITS, Ponnekal, Khammam(R), Telangana State.