To understand revival we must see where revival has taken place in the past, who God used, and try to understand why God chose that place to begin with.

Wales had revivals before 1904 which were short, lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months, but many had been praying for a national revival for years. A deeply religious country with many Christian heroes, the church had lost its spark and many wanted to see the Glory of God once again. It is reported that the spark for the revival started when Pastor Joseph Jenkins asked for testimonies and a young lady by the name of Florrie Evans who was a new believer told the assembly, "I love Jesus with all my heart". This statement caused the young people in the assembly to be broken and many began weeping as the Holy Spirit poured himself out on them with signs and wonders. These young people went out to the surrounding countryside to talk about repentance and being saved.
At the same time a young man who had been praying for thirteen years heard from God that 100,000 people would be saved in this new revival. This young man was Evan Roberts who was born into a large religious family. One of fourteen children he spent his childhood working in the coal mines and going to church, it is reported that he read his bible everywhere he went including the mines. His dreams were of revival and of being like Jesus. In the spring of 1904 young Roberts was awakened by God at 1 am, he would spend the following nights speaking to the Lord till 5 am, this went on for a while, the great revival would soon follow. If we look at it correctly it was the passion of Evans Roberts, he was consumed with his love for God and the salvation of men. His whole life had only one meaning, God, God and only God. It's this love and consecration to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit that set him apart from others.

Roberts was very sensitive to what he thought the Holy Spirit wanted to do and tried to keep himself out of the spot light. There were many others in Wales who were used of God but one name stands out because of his teaching and preaching style along with his integrity and consecration. It was as if this had been his sole purpose for living. But by taking on more of the work than he could bear he soon became sick and was talked into leaving the work by one Jessie Penn Lewis who has a very controversial pass. The revival came to an end but not before what God had said took place and more than 100,000 people had come to Jesus.

Stephen and George Jeffery were two of the many that were saved in the Walsh revival; these two went on to evangelize much of Britain and later the world. They had a powerful ministry which is remembered today because of the fantastic miracles that took place. Rees Howells the great intercessor of the Second World War also had his start in this great revival. Frank Bartelman had been writing to Evan Roberts about bringing revival to America and years later he would see his dream come true in the Azusa Street revival. The Walsh revival as well as the Azusa Street revival had the power of God demonstrated not only in the services but also in the surrounding area as drunks and thieves, gamblers and criminals were changed. Bars were going out of business and prisons were left almost empty, it was the one thing the media could not explain away.

Great men of faith came from everywhere to see this new work in action; famous preachers would see the power of God and leave not wanting to interfere in what they did not understand. Others kept their mouths shut not being allowed to speak because the Holy Spirit would not permit it. From Wales the revival fires spread to England, Ireland, Scotland and a year later to America. Wales which is the same size as Israel has given the world the most powerful revival up to date.

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