If you have been on the internet a great deal I'm sure you have seen all the psychic networks listed. If you have been even more curious you might have visited them and seen the thousands of people listed who claim to be psychics. If a person needed someone to talk with in that area, how would they know which ones were Christian and which ones were pagan?

I believe that God gives gifts to all people whether they are Christian or not. Children are born with gifts they could never have learned at such early ages. They get those gifts from God and they use them during their lives. God gives gifts of foreknowledge to people as well. He gave this gift to many prophets in the Old Testament. Some were good men and others were wizards that used their gifts to deceive people. I remember in the Bible the wizards threw down their swords and they became snakes. God's gifted men threw down their swords and they became snakes as well but their snakes ate the other snakes. Quite a scenerio I'd say. It does show God gives gifts much greater than just the average gift.

I know several people who work in the psychic areas. They are Christian people and they are there only to give advice and help people. These people have what God calls the spirit of discernment and they use this gift to help others in need. Our gifts and our work on earth is not limited to just what we can see. Sometimes there are areas we must work in that we cannot see everything clearly. There are those who can see into the spirit realm but we must be very careful when we choose them. A Christian is grounded and rooted in the Word of God. They will not be swayed from their beliefs. If a psychic tells you they can speak with the dead be cautious. In the Bible, God only allowed this to happen once and Saul lost his life for doing so. There are two places that the spirit goes when it leaves the body. The Born Again person's spirit goes back to God. The lost soul goes to hell. This is what the bible states.
Are there Christian psychics? I believe so! I also believe you can really tell a big difference from one who is Christian and one who just tries to deceive for money.

There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance. I do suggest everyone look to God first. He will direct your path accurately and with love. There are many people in counseling who can help guide you along life's pathway as well. I tend to believe that many Granny's sitting at home in their rocking chairs can direct ones path quite well and it will seldom cost a cent.
Use discernment when looking for help. I'm sure you will find it freely.

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