Demonic possession is very real even in "normal" homes in the United States. Most people refer to the spirits as devils, or demons. A person can be possessed by an evil spirit taking control of a person's mind. Once the spirit has control of the mind of course he has control of the person. I have found many times a person can be possessed but many people not aware of the problem until much later in life.

Normally when a person is possessed the person will speak in a voice unlike his or her own. In the exorcisms I have attended or held myself, the voice is one you will never forget. It tends to be deep and raspy almost to the point of a gripping fear. It is very hard to stay in control of your own thoughts when in the presence of such evil. They have some power and they use this power over individuals who are trying to save the possessed person. If you have ever felt really hurt to the core of your soul and recognize the feeling at the time, then you know how an exorcist feels when in the presence of an evil spirit. There is no other feeling to compare to this feeling especially when the devil calls you by your name. The exorcist must remain in control and never allow him to be caught up in conversation with a demon. You can never believe anything they say so why allow yourself to be drawn into that web. You must be in control and in charge totally or you will become its victim as well.

Every Christian needs to be able to free a person from the grips of an evil spirit. Jesus was a teacher and He taught us by His examples. His word literally drove the demons out of the possessed people. He spoke very firmly having all power over them and showing them a portion of His power. He gave His followers and believers the same power. We must be willing to use what He has given us, leaving fear and doubt out. I have found Satan always uses fear and doubt not changing through all of these thousands of years. His mission is still the same, steal, kill, and destroy. He doesn't care how he accomplishes his mission, but he is driven to do so. We as Christians are made in Christ likeness. Satan hates Christ and anything or anyone belonging to Jesus Christ. He loathes those who preach the Gospel!

In previous years, the Catholic Church was perhaps the only church teaching priest how to exorcise demons. They have been successful but I don't believe they are doing this as much now as in the past. I also know exorcising a demon absorbs a great deal of ones strength, sometimes taking hours to be successful. Care must be taken not to harm the person. This is very hard to accomplish as the person's body is used and abused terribly by Satan during this time. Satan wants others to think you are the one doing all the damage.

Ministers must be unshaken by what they see in exorcisms. The possessed person may vomit, may excrete from the bowel and their body features change in a myriad of ways. I have often seen the eyes roll completely out of sight; the head swivel around as if on a spindle, and putrid secretions run from all or vises. They will scream violently as if be tortured, blood veins rupture, and in some cases begin to choke them to death.

I believe God gives a special gift to people called into this type of ministry. I believe a person God baptises with the Holy Spirit of God will be protected against such evil. There is a big difference in being saved and accepting the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and being filled or baptized with the Holy Spirit. In my case God baptized me with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I believe there are mental illnesses that are NOT possession of evil spirits. Not everyone with a mental illness is possessed of the devil.

Medical doctors must be taught the spiritual side of mental illness as well as the medical side. Institutions are filled with people who are possessed. Smith Wigglesworth was a great man of God who used what God taught him to destroy the evil spirits in men. We need more great men like him but I am concerned we are having a falling away from the church just as Jesus said in His word. Where will this leave those needing deliverance from the evil one. What if your son or daughter were possessed? Would you know what to do or who to get to help them? Think about it! It could happen tomorrow!

I would like to caution all these young men in expensive suits to know what they are doing and in whose name before they get involved in spiritual warfare. Many know the word but do not apply it to themselves. The love of money is going to expose many so called men of the cloth. They know nothing about spiritual wars! We are in a war now people. We are in a war for the souls of men, women and young people. Don't allow Satan to take your family member and damn their souls to hell for eternity. Get wisdom first, and then get involved!!

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