The holy human true life of God Jesus the holy spirit was peace freedom human rights healing for all humanity life on earth The holy human truth of all human life God loves all birth right children of God by human right not race or religion. peace freedom humanity are birth right faith life earth of God.

Jesus was nailed to the cross to heal all sin inhumanity on earth this Jesus teaches in all religions yet its never heard in any church. The holy human life of God is not this living starving suffering genocide living hell made on God earth. the war of human history is killed hundreds of millions of God children death before they lived God wants world peace.

God comes to seek holy human truth peace freedom of all human life on earth. Jesus comers unto all humanity to bring god birth right beyond human religions to all human life. The love of God is all human life in which God in Jesus made all human life unique looking with freedom of all human feelings wants needs spirit will.

There is much degradation of religions upon God children world wide not of Jesus the holy spirit this abuses the children of God. Jesus is the holy teacher of all birth right truth from god in human life for all people. god in Jesus the holy spirit cries for world peace healing freedom humanity with God for all humanity.

Two thousand years God birth right has been taken by human based religions God children have been killed torture beaten killed raped on earth. The truth of Jesus God lives in us always yet churches say no. Holy freedoms holy human will spirit are being taken from all God birth children on earth. This God reason for birth right faith life earth for all god children.

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holy human truth of God why Jesus died for all human life on God earth . The freedom of God is being taken from all God children replace by high priced religion on earth. The human truth God Jesus the holy spirit are a birth right freedom of all human life by humanity not religions are nations..