Life in the Spirit is the enjoyment of everyday life with the Spirit of God. It is sharing your life with a person which you cannot see or touch and which has very different ideas than you. It is a life of signs and wonders not done in a church setting but done in everyday life. It is a story of love between a man or a woman with an unknown force which has his very own personality and character but will surrender them in order not to overwhelm a human host. The basis of this life is the love which you will find as you get to know your new friend. Here are three examples.

The microwave had just finished cooking when it exploded in a puff of smoke. I knew from the sound and the smoke that it had gone it last mile. I told my wife when she got home, who told me to throw it away because it had cost only forty dollars and was now five years old. I looked at it for several days when it occurred to me that it might be fixable. I took the cover of but did not know where to start, there were wires and conductors everywhere, so I just left it in a corner untill I could get a manual or some advice from the internet. Nothing I found online seemed to work because the oven was old already and no one had any ideas on what could be the problem.

A week later I took it out of the corner again with a desire to see it fixed. I took it apart and then saw the fuse which I had not seen before. I went to the local Home Depot and found a generic fuse that was made for all these types of ovens. As soon as I got back to the house I was ready to install the fuse but got scared that it might blow up. Now the oven had not been plugged into a socket for two weeks but as I was staring at it the beeper went off once. I was so scared that I looked out the window to see if someone had beeped the horn. Then I looked at my cell phone to see if it had changed its tone, no it was not the phone or the other clocks that I checked. The beeper went of three more times in a row and this time I just said "it's you isn't it Holy Spirit," to which he gave one more beep. I put everything together and it worked just fine.

I had never caught a big bass in the lakes and canals next to our apartment but on this day I had decided to ask the Holy Spirit for a five pound bass which if he gave me I would throw back once I had landed it. I picked a spot about a mile from where I live and for the first half hour caught nothing, than I caught a small bass and lost two more. I made my way down the canal casting a six inch black plastic worm till my arms started to ache. The sun was hot and I could see no one else in sight, the back country was very pretty this time of the year and I sat down on banks to drink my water and eat a candy bar. It was now five pm and I had to get back to our home before my wife arrived or she would be worried. I decided to make a few more cast but after fifteen minutes I was ready to call it quits and started to walk back up the bank when a small impulse told me to cast from a small rock that was nearby. I looked at the spot and decided it could hold no fish since there were no lily pads which are what bass favor in this part of South Florida.

The thought kept racing through my mine, "what is one more cast, go ahead and do it." On the first cast it seemed as if the line had gotten stuck on the bottom of the canal. I tried to raise it but it seemed to be caught on a tree trunk or rock, until I saw it move from left to right. "Oh my God" I said, as I saw the shadow of what looked like a giant fish. For the next five minutes it was a tug of war till I reeled it to the side of the canal and stooped down to drag it up on the banks. It was a massive largemouth bass that I immediately had visions of frying until a small voice said in my spirit, "you said you would let it go, remember." I admired the fish that looked to be four or five pounds than said farewell to him and let him go back to the canal.

I had a metal locker in our garage which stood over seven feet and weighted over eighty pounds. I had decided to sand it and paint it by myself which was no easy task since I only weight one hundred and forty pounds and stand five feet two inches. I tried to move it but it seemed impossible so I sat on the floor and prayed that I needed an angel to help me move the locker. I explained the situation to the LORD and told him I would like to do this by myself and that if he could just send one angel for five or six minutes I would be very grateful. After a while I tried again to move the metal locker and as I put my arms around it the locker seemed to float two or three inches of the floor and I was able to move it around with ease. I laid it down and sanded it than primed it and finally painted the whole thing.

It looked beautiful but then I realized that it was on the floor and there was no way I could raise it up to situate it where it belonged. I forgot all about the prayers and the angel which I was sure had helped me in the first place. Now I just sat on the floor all dejected wondering how I was going to finish the job I had started by myself. As I wondered I started to speak to the Holy Spirit and asked him what I could do. In a small very sweet voice he said, "Put all the wooden blocks you have in the middle, one at a time till it starts to topple one way than I will help you bring it up on its legs. It sounded so simple that I was sure it would not work, but it did work and the metal locker was put in the corner all bright and shinning.

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