Everything about God is supernatural, from believing in him to praying and reading the bible. God is not of this world that is the natural realm, He is of the spirit world, and His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom that can only be accessed through the human spirit. The creator is active; he is not passive as some would have you think. He is never still, he is forever creating and molding and when this is seen in the natural realm it is called the supernatural. The dictionary defines supernatural as something unnatural, eerie, bizarre, and mystical, not of this world. But to the believer the supernatural should be his natural state; there is nothing bizarre about wanting to have fellowship with the God so many profess to know.

The term born again, is a supernatural event which has no equal in the natural world. Even Nicodemus did not understand the term when Jesus said "you must be born again." He was looking at things from a natural point of view and Jesus was speaking of the supernatural. If you are really born again the supernatural life is at work in your daily life. This is not a Baptist event, or Pentecostal event, or even an Adventist or Catholic event; it is an event that is carried out by God when he gives the believer a new spirit which brings with it a new beginning.

The person who is seeking the living God has already embarked on an unnatural journey, according to this world's thoughts. He is seeking a higher life that has nothing to do with mankind and his ways. In the bible this is called a life of miracles and signs and wonders which are done by the Holy Spirit as he sees fit. Since God is not passive he will always be moving things around in this believer's life, from the smallest detail to life changing events, things will start to happen. They have to happen he is God and wants things his way and not ours. To receive any miracles or answers to prayers you must have faith that the supernatural can happen in your life. Most people have some faith in God, what they don't believe is that the supernatural can take part in this world. God has been regulated to the church building, but God does not live in houses made by man, Acts 17:24
This is the real God and he will only manifest himself to those he knows will want to live this type of life. Many are frighten of spiritual matters which they consider spooky and would rather not see or hear the voice of the Father. To many it is much easier to have someone teach or preach about this type of thing and not have to face him alone. I once spent several hours asking different people if they would enjoy seeing Jesus face to face in real life and ninety percent said no. Most said it would scare them too much. The unbeliever and religious are really alike in that they don't really want to see God, one does not believe and the other wants to stay as far away as possible. So they are left to their own ways and means, but those who seek the living God have a supernatural source for their strength and for their provisions.

In the supernatural world of God things happen, money appears from nowhere, food never finishes and sick people are healed. Once after a problem with some bills I decided not to pay them, as I was leaving the house with a friend he saw some bills being blown by the wind all over my lawn. There were ones, five's and ten's all over the lawn, we sat on the grass to count the money and I knew God had sent it to show me not to argue about money. Another time during my youth I was drinking in my bedroom when I heard a book being slammed against a wall. By instinct I knew it was the bible I kept in the living room book shelf and that God was angry at my indecency. The next day I looked and there it was, it had been thrown across the room and landed on psalm 23.

To the believer it would be unnatural for things not to happen; after all God has all the power all the resources and all the knowledge. If we are his children is it too much to think that he would share these things with us. Can he not send angels in times of trouble or people who know the answers to our questions? Yes he can, he can do much, much more, but we must not be scared of this heavenly person who only has our wellbeing in mind. True, not everybody wants to be spiritual but everybody wants to be helped and for this you must seek him out.

To have the Lord manifested in front of you it takes time and effort and a longing to see him as he is. Many hours of bible reading along with hundreds of hours of quality prayer time will get him closer and closer to you. The more effort you put in the closer he gets, till one day he will be at your door, just open the door and give him a great big kiss. John 14:21, whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I to will love him and show myself to him.

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