The first building block of a deeper friendship with god is complete honesty. He doesn't expects us to be perfect,but he does insist on complete honesty.fortunately because of god's grace, JESUS is still the "FRIENDS OF SINNERS".it is likely that you need to confess some hidden anger and resentment at god for certain areas of your life where you have felt cheated.therefore to be gods friend , you must be honest to god,sharing your true feeling, not what you think you ought to feel. Because god loves people who are cent person honest always.

We don't normally think of obedience as a characteristic of friendship. JESUS made it clear that obedience is a condition of intimacy with god.he said," you are my friends if you do what I command". we must obey go,not out of duty or fear or of compulsion,but because we LOVE him and trusts that he knows what is best for us. Unbelievers think that christians obey out of fear of punishment, but that is not at all true.JESUS said, WHEN YOU OBEY ME,YOU REMAIN IN MY LOVE. Even though JESUS lived only for few years as a human in earth , he lived obidiently and so he expects the same from us.

Friends care about what is important to the other person.the more you become god's friend the more you will care about the things he grieves over. God cares more about the redemption of his people. He wants all of his lost children to be found. So to be gods friend share and care about all the people around you.

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Hi people catch on to this prayer today: dear JESUS, more than anything else,i want to get to know you intimately. hope Jesus will touch all of your hearts through my message given today....have a blessed day