When I was a kid my mom told me to pray so like a good kid I believed in him without understanding anything should I say foolish I was but how could I believe something that I never saw how ironic it it is I can say that may be I was a innocent child so I believe.

But as I grew up I still believe him this time no one told but did from heat still I cannot see him why I heart believe god even though I acted as if I dont that believe never went not even ones. The believe was true and as pure as the first rain drop fron sky.

I felt a pain in my heart that was not because I do not believe but because I believe but do not no why.

Like a lost kid I came to a conclusin may be because I am scared of him thinking that if wil not believe something bad will happen to me it makes me laugh now. Even though I thought that just to comfort but pain in my heart still continous .I describe but can try it was like a child is lost aand missing his parents, and emotion of sadness will take over you.

It was painful of not having answers of your questions what god is to me? To ignore such feelings I stooped thinking about or should I say how I ran away from these feelings that was the best way I could think at that time.

I though why I am the only one who thinks like that and its wired to think like so its better to stop but I couldnt stop .every now and then these thoudhs use to come to me, than at a point I thought enough of runing .they say when you stop runing you find your way and your answers .

Then what was my answer my God who has many shapes who I have never seen but watches over me every time is my parent my mom dad.I fight with him ,I complaint to him I ask for his help[ when need it, when I cry I say me God why and when I laugh I say oo my god. He is present in every second of time. Heteaches me lesson. He there wheather its bad or good time . He never leaves no matter what I do.

He is my strength, dream and courage.

When thought like this my pain went away.
But how can that happen
Thats easy I you believe in god just like your mom dad
How can he being our parent leave our side.
Its just that he always with us we just have to believe in him
I am sure even you can feel him just try.

I dont know the difference between trust and believe but I know they both are god to me my trust and believe.

God is not some one we should be afraid of and we should not pray him for the sake of doing it we should we should remember him because we love him like our parents.

We should always keep him in our heart..

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