Have you ever asked yourself why men and women do the stupid things they do? I am not talking about the crazy people who do stupid things as a sport, but about very successful and talented human beings who seemed to have it all and then one day implode and lose all they have worked for. It would be easy to say that they just made a mistake or had a certain kink in their character which made them act out of character. But in fact these people are so talented and well educated that it would be hard to find any fault with their day to day life.

You don't become governor of a state, a congressman or even a president of a country without being highly qualified and very stable. You also don't get to marry a beautiful Ivy League woman from a very good family if you have noticeable kinks in your character or personality. So why would a morally good man or woman who has risen to the top of their chosen profession throw it all away on a prostitute, an extra marital relationship or some other badly timed missed deed. These people are not like you and me; they are the pillars of our society and stand to lose a lot more, starting with their families, reputation, careers and many times their professional licensees.

The medical fields have a field day explaining why such and such sent out photos on his iPhone, or why the governor was caught with a prostitute. It could be the congressman who was caught with a young boy or the coach who showered with his young players. After naming a half dozen symptoms and sending the person to rehab everything is presumed to be fixed. Of course the person involved must also show that he is sorry and that he has repented of his ills and will not do it again. Then when the person repeats the act and is caught the process starts all over again in the newspapers, TV, and other media. More symptoms are bought forward as if it could all be explained by the symptom of the week, or If that does not work than they are just forgotten and blamed for being weak and perverse.

What no one takes into consideration is that we live in a double world, one which is natural and one which is spiritual. When spirits from the dark world are looking for someone to inhabit they are not really impressed with who they are in this world, they are just looking for a home where they can act out their form of evilness. These crazy impulses that make these famous politicians, sports celebrities, or movie stars act out of character are just that, impulses from an evil realm. That is why it is so hard to understand this acting out of character, because it is not their character, but the demon that now controls that part of their life. They cannot stop because it is not they who are doing this, they are just willing accomplices. To be sure they want to stop, but it is now too late, they have listened to the voice which kept telling them how much fun it would be and just how easy it could be.

A spirit being cannot make you do anything you don't want to do. But here is the trick, they can make you believe that the thoughts and words you are hearing are really your own when in fact it is the voice of a spirit of lust or perversion that you picked up at a bar or while watching a move at home. If while watching a move you hear voices telling you that you could be the one doing all this and you go to sleep entertaining those thoughts, you have invited that spirit into your life. A spirit could also tell you that you are sick or losing your memory and if you believe the lie you will indeed get sick or lose your memory. Satan is the father of all lies and if you start to play around with one of his lies it will no longer be a lie in your own life but become a truth.

The spirit knows that in the end the home he has chosen will come crashing down when the host is caught, but that only makes it that more fun for this evil beast who is bent on destroying you. As long as this is seen in the natural it is looked at as a human weakness, and often times the person is blamed and treated as some sick pervert which is not the case. In order for the person to stop he must acknowledge that he is being forced by some evil spirit or deity and that it is not him. That those are not his thoughts or desires and it is not his mind but the mind of some sick spirit. If the person truly knows who he is and what his thoughts are like, he can stop the spirits thoughts from invading his mind, because he knows without a doubt that he does not do such things.

I would suggest to a person having these problems to read the New Testament, especially the four gospels and to get some spiritual help from a full gospel church or a deliverance ministry that teaches these things. You don't have to just sit there and let these things ruin your life. There is power in the name of Jesus to make these creatures leave your life and go somewhere else. Don't wait until it is too late and you have lost your family and love ones because of some strange desire in your flesh. If you know who you are and that you are not interested in such things, you can just say stop, in Jesus name, or no, I don't do those things. Now, if on the other hand you do like strange flesh and don't care about your love ones or yourself, what can I say but to have a happy marriage with that evil spirit which you courted and now treat as a pet.

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