God is a figment of man's imagination, is the idea of people who do not believe in God. On the other hand, the thought of God is a fearful idea in many other people. There are some who are deeply religious, who are actually said to live with God. Each culture and each religion has a different idea about God. The idea of God and the extent of belief on God vary in these cultures and religions.

There are various reasons for the change in the belief about God. This article gives a list of the various reasons for people believing in God. The reasons are:

1. They have benefited from God:

There are many people who have benefited from God and so they believe in God. Almost all the religions talk about the healing of diseases by their God. These healings of incurable and chronic diseases have no other explanation other than a supernatural intervention. This causes people to believe in supernatural things. The only supernatural phenomenon that man knows is God and this is the main reason for the belief in God. In fact this is true to a large extent and God is present because there are too many co incidences occurring in the world that are too good to be true and so there should be a God who is manipulating the functioning of the world.

2. Fear:

There are many people who believe in God because of fear. All of us have some fear deep inside our heart and all these fears are related to what would happen to us or our loved ones. The only way in which we think that any of this can be changed is not by our own strength, but by a strength that is beyond human comprehension and this is nothing but God. So this fear is what motivates these people to believe in God. Though this fear is good at times as it can help to prevent people from taking wrong decisions, it can at times be a hindrance to the normal functioning of the people because the fear can actually make them to be not able to do their regular activities.

3. Family tradition:

There are many other people who are not active believers in the idea of God, but they do not know what else to believe in because their parents and ancestors have all believed in God. This makes it obvious that they too have to believe in God. These are the people who believe in God because of family traditions. This belief in God because of tradition is not a true belief, but a belief that occurs because of the vacuum that is present in the lives of these people and they are like the proverbial cats on the wall. They may believe at one point of time and their belief may disappear at other times.

These are the common reasons for the belief of people in God. The level of belief may vary from person to person in different circumstances.

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