From my Friend's Diary:

The concept of being a Christian is having true faith in God... One televangelist said that Christianity has meant so many things in the last few decades that it has ceased to mean anything at all, with many people referring to themselves as Christians not being able to embody the true spirit of being a Christian. Being a Christian is not about going to church every Sunday, or giving thither or helping the poor... These are parts of being a Christian. Being a Christian and a true follower of Christ is about the faith and salvation through this faith in the son of God (as Christians believe), Jesus Christ.

We are saved by grace through faith and this is the reason we need to exercise the Christian faith in our daily lives. To continue dying to self and to think of other people is part of being true Christian. Allowing God to take center place in your life consist of literally going against conventional human being nature which requires faith. It is the nature of human beings to believe in something they see, feel, touch and hear. The belief in God is through faith since no one has ever seen God. We can only see the manifestations of God in our lives when we believe in him and his existence.

In Mathew 17:20, we are told that if we have faith equal to the size of a mustard seed we can tell a mountain to move and be thrown into the sea and it will obey us. Faith is the unquestionable belief in something we have not seen or heard. Do you remember the faith that Abraham had when he was told to sacrifice his son Isaac? The obedience had to God, even when this was the son he was promised by God? This is the kind of faith we ought to have in our daily lives, so that we can believe that God has our best interests at heart all the time.

Many people think that faith can be exercised only when you are in trouble or in need of something from God. While this may be partly true, it is not entirely true since faith is something we have in our daily lives. It is something we live with, something that shows in our daily walk with God. You need to go to bed with the faith that you will see tomorrow since no day is a guarantee. Faith does not need to be exercised only when you lose a job or fall sick; it needs to be exercised even when you are enjoying the fruits of your labor and when you are celebrating your achievements. Faith can promote healing, whether mental, physical or psychological. Remember Jesus telling Jabirus to not worry but to just believe? If he had any doubt in the power of Christ to raise his daughter from the dead, he would not have approached Christ to begin with.

Our faith in Christianity does help us to weather the storm when we are challenged in life. For example you may be tempted to do something wrong (which happens with all human beings) but your faith in an all loving, forgiving but just God will help you make the right decision, no matter how nonconventional it will seem. It will help you to move against the grain, if only for the best of your soul. You will know the moral thing to do in all the situations if you have faith and if you keep the faith in practice.

Finally, faith brings peace and contentment. Have you ever felt so good after you have done something right and moral? The feeling of relaxation and calmness is the one that many people have thanks to heir Christian faith. You will be content with your material possessions and will not lose sleep when your neighbor comes home with a new Porsche. You will be content with your job and do the best to gain from it. You will be content with the kind of family you have, even If some people may be hard to be around. Life has changed for many people who have faith and they can tell you that they sleep better at night, do not feel the need to be like everyone else and last but not least, do not get sick as often as many others do.

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