It was late in the afternoon when Jesus arrived at the small village where he had been invited to speak. Because of the heat most of the people were in their homes and the village looked deserted. Jesus looked around and saw a crowd of children playing under a tree so he went to them and said "children I have some gifts for you, come." They all came and sat at his feet on tiny benches they had been playing with.

Jesus started with the first one and said, "You are Luke and you will be a doctor, you will help the people and save many lives. I will give you the gift of wisdom and knowledge and you will write about me in the future. When you are older you will marry and have 5 children who will also go on to be very useful in medicine, and ranching." To the next child Jesus said, "You are Paul and your life will be full of trouble for my sake, but you will shine as the stars in the sky and your children will count in the millions." "You will write the most important letters ever written, they will be read by billions of people in the future." You will be second only to me in importance; I give you the gift of courage and might, love and compassion.

Josh, you shall be strong and very courageous, I give you the gift of love so you can love your brothers and sisters and tend to them in their time of need. When your parents are old you will be the head of the house and have many, many children.

David what would you like to do and be? "I want to be a carpenter like you, and make beautiful things." "Alright I will give you the gift of creating with wood," Jesus said. And you little girl what do want out of life? "I want to be like your mother and have a beautiful baby boy." Jesus looked at her and smiled, he patted her on the head and said, "Good, you shall have that, and you can call him Moses after my friend Moses."

Than Jesus looked at the end of the line and saw a tiny bench that was empty, "where is Martin he asked? The little girl answered that he was not there, because his mother and father had decided that they already had too many children and so Martin was not allowed to be born. But to us he is alive so we play with him and invite him to our games.

Jesus told the children that he had some gifts for Martin but that he would take them back since Martin was now in heaven with God. They all wondered what it was he had for Martin, could he have been a prophet, or scribe, governor or king. They would never know.

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