Church is the meeting place for people who believe in the Christian faith. They meet to sing and pray to God and also socialize with each other. Christians are expected to be in church at least every Sunday, though some churches meet on other days too. Going to church every Sunday is beneficial to the Christian individual.

Strengthens your faith

The main benefit of going to church every Sunday is to strengthen your faith. When you go to church, you listen to a sermon that is mainly based on the lesson in a particular portion of the bible. Such lessons are designed to encourage church members on issues that may be bothering many of them. It also touches on matters of the Christian faith, why certain things are done and why they are done. These messages give you daily encouragement to keep believing in the faith.


The church is made up of many people with different values. Christians get to meet all these people and socialize with them. In the process, some values may be transferred from one person to the other. There is always one person to talk to in times of difficulty and also someone who cares. The church also provides people you can share an idea with or ask for their 'Godly' opinion on an issue. Older members can share their experiences with the younger ones. The church therefore meets the social needs of individual members. Regular attendance at church also gives the individual many social links that he can fall on when in need of help.

Opportunity to meet the needs of others.

The beautiful thing about church is that, it is made up of people of all social standing; the rich, the middle class as well as the poor. These people integrate so well and socialize with each other. The church gives an opportunity to the individual to help the less privileged. S/he can easily identify people who may be in need of his help and offer them a helping hand financially. The individual can also help other members by sharing the knowledge s/he has acquired in a certain field of study with other members who may not have that knowledge or those who wish to go into the same field.

Opportunity to get your needs met

Members of the church are taught to give to each other and make sure that all the needs of others are met. Members of your church will therefore be willing to help you in any way that they can. They may offer financial, social, emotional help or even help with your career. The rich people in the church are willing to meet identifiable needs but may want to see commitment first. So if you attend church regularly, you are opening the door for such help.

Some argue that, your faith is in your heart and how you relate to others and that regular attendance at church does not matter, but this may not be entirely true. The church helps in building the Christian faith in your heart and teaches you how to relate with others.

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