"Maa Aaschen"... . 3 days to go, 5 days to rejoice and then another long await for the upcoming 2013. It's the season of festivity for Bengalis and these days it will be discriminating if I say so, hence I can expound for sure that its a merriment journey for all people encompassed by Durga Puja and its magnanimous ambiance. Every rung of the society takes this exhilarating time to relish and bores a triumphant attitude every moment. Kumartuli and the makers of MA work diligently to reproduce their best works and the gravity of those works are reflected when people appreciate, photograph, promote and expel their expressions to the idol... . The happiness, bliss, cheerfulness, eccentricity, vivacious styles, ecstasy head for epic heights in this time, which gets projected with the glorifying and ritualistic practices of worship, appraisal, praise, love, emotions all at the same clock.

The five significant days pervade with a festive climate, the cities, villages all seem to have become sleepless for there is no stable clock around this season. It goes on endlessly and this endless crave makes the festival more and more scintillating... . Ah, yes what about the Pandal? The lighting? Oh yes there are many to be given credit. However individually it's inexplicable, but yes we respect their dedication and noble deeds to enchant smiles on the face of the commoners. The mesmerising lights, the spectacular view of the goddess set amidst the lights, with redefined flamboyance, the stupendous caricature, the sky silhouetted with the blade of colours, the forlorn people find myriads of people to connect and reciprocate to, the manoeuvred puja plans, the jotted themes, the alluring pandals, the huge commotion caused of the uprising vehicles... All seem to throw a message bullet that yes it's Our festival and we are handsome proud of it.

Sadly on the contrary, these days-no matter how much sumptuous as meals, or being embedded with an entrenched sweet kernel, vehemently terminate, endure a cessation soon... . That is bizarre undoubtedly. But we remain option less, as the days come to an end and it's Doshomi. Yes "Ei Mon Aaj Dana Meleche"... . "Dhaker Taale Komor Dole" enhances the fragrance of the day, the revelry of Sindur Khela, basking in the splendour of the gone four days and the speciality remains the heritage Bhashan naach... . It's the pragmatic innate dance of Bengalis which we endorse and inculcate to bid an effusive farewell to her... Also to design a note to provide a red carpeted reception next year. The auspicious occasion undergoes a saturation, a cessation and its time for the idol to be encrypted with its foundation and submerging it in the holy waters. This truncated procedure is so significant, so conspicuous, so beauteous, yet so fastidious, that we have to forgo. Yes it's really mind pestered case, but be it elation, be it pathos, satire, agony but we have to stand for the next year.

MA Durga came, underwent jubilation, a conquest on us, confiscated our hearts and annexed them to her territory to enrich her love... this tactility is so palpating, emotional that one can convulse with sobs. However she goes back to Mother Earth prognosticating all the muggy dirt flourishing, swaggering a helping hand, comforts and nourishes all its sons and daughters, blesses us with full arm rapid power force, as a rekindling and rejuvenating factor, a super enigmatic exotic exorcist, to provide impetus, active energy, the incitation to work, profess assiduous nature to climb to the pinnacle. Culmination in process, everyone with a question hovering, creating a turbulent storm in their mind, "Abar Kobe"... The best quotient could be, "Asche Bochor Aabar Hobe".

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