I have read the bible many, many times in the last twenty five years ,always in the morning and sometimes before going to bed. It has always bought me a special calm that lasts throughout the day and when I don't read it my day is just not the same. But in times of crises it is the four gospels that I turn to for strength. This started some years ago when I had the opportunity to speak with an evangelist who seemed to pray down the Holy Spirit every time he spoke or prayed. I asked him what his secret was and he said that for two years he had read nothing but the four gospels all day long.

I could not argue with this man's success at getting people both saved and healed. In the confusing world of Christian Doctrines there are many thoughts on this. Some claim the four gospels were only for the Jews, others that it is the Pauline letters that are for the church. Still others believe that it is John's letters that we should be paying attention to. All though the entire bible is God's word, we could say that it is the consul of God for our lifespan, or the court of law as to how we should live. But the four gospels are the supreme court of the bible, spoken by the Lord Jesus while he was on earth.

Regardless of what the scholars might think or approve. Paul did not die on a cross and likewise neither did John. I have never seen any confusion with the Lords writings, the gospels spell out everything very clearly as oppose to some of Paul's writing to the church. This might be the difference between Jesus own words and Paul writing to believers while anointed by Jesus. The four gospels are the word in the flesh, Jesus speaking words while he himself is that word. John 1:14, the word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

The four gospels are of such importance that modern day bibles have his words in red to show that he bled and died to give us this treasure. I have spoken to people who have read nothing but the red letters in the New Testament and you knew right away that they had found something very special by the way they carried themselves. But I also realize that it is a thing of character, style, and taste, some like this, and some like that, I like the four gospels.

It is easy to do this; I call it a pilgrimage with Jesus. I read one of the gospels two or three times, than pick another and read it once or twice, than I go back and read the first one, two or three more times. Then I pick a new one and read it twice, than go back and read the first two one more time, and right on down the line. After several month of this you will begin to have a new found peace that you did not have previously. You will also have a lot more power in your daily walk with God.

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