A group of us started a house church in my neighborhood with six people. In the beginning we used my house but as the group grew larger we found a site in an old store front. We called ourselves, Gods little flock. I was happy with what we were doing and it seemed like the more we prayed the more God grew our tiny flock. I had never done this before and had no idea what to expect, I just felt we should do more than just play church and go through the motions. It seemed the most natural thing when the Lord started to appear at our services to give encouragement and words of warning. We grew used to having him there and if he did not make his presence's felt we immediately searched to see what was causing the disruption.

One Sunday one of the members invited a regional evangelist from one of the town's denominational churches to the service. This was a man we all respected and was well traveled throughout the world. We started our services of in a lose manner, trying not to become too formal or traditional and just letting the Lord have his way. As the service was about to begin the evangelist called me over and said, "He's here, Jesus is really here". "Yes, I know, he's always here", I said. Again he said, "You don't understand he is here". I looked at him and saw that he was completely confused so I didn't say anything. The other man that had come with him came to us and said, "The Lord is here, I can see him walking around and comforting the people". The evangelist now wanted to know why he was here and between the two they came up with several ideals as to why he would be among us. That's when it occurred to me that these two men had never been in the presence of the Lord.

We started to sing and praise the Lord as other people were on their knees thanking God for his presence. As I looked back I could see the visitors in a state of ecstasy as they raised their hands and wept in joy for the thrill of being in his presences. A brother gave a message than asked if anyone needed prayer for any sickness or pains. The visiting evangelist came forward and asked to be prayed for; he had an ankle that had been bitten by a spider. They left and I thought I would never see them again, but I was wrong.

That Good Friday I was with two other men at the storefront when the Lord Jesus sat on our table, He was dressed in white and looked brilliant. The other two men started to cry and fell on the floor hiding from the Lord who just stood and looked at us without saying a word. I didn't know what to do or say, so I told him not to let me cry like the others but to let me look at him. I reached out to take his hands and he started to go straight up. I told him not to leave but to stay with us for a while but he insisted that he had to go and he left straight up and disappeared.

The next Sunday which was Easter Sunday we again had the evangelist with us but this time he had his boss, a Mr. Cook with him. The Lord did not show up as usual, even though we sang and pleaded for him to let us see his presence. Mr. Cook went on and on about the fine churches under his care and the great sermons he often gave on Easter Sundays. I told him of seeing Jesus that Good Friday with two of my friends and he seemed in shock. He though I had said I had seen him in a movie, but again I said I had seen him for real, this time he turned and spoke to the evangelist as if I was not there and said " sometimes people get to far out in these things". Again he went on about his great sermons. Before they left the evangelist walked up to me and asked me to forgive his boss, saying "it would kill him to know you really saw the Lord and the Lord did not come to him".

Twenty years later I moved to a beautiful little city on the North West side of Broward County Florida called CoralSprings. As I prayed my first weekend to see where I could go to church, the Lord showed me in a dream his chose. That Sunday I arrived at the largest charismatic church in Margate the city next door to CoralSprings. After the service the assistant pastor spoke with me about the service and asked me how I had come to find the church. I told him that Jesus had sent me, that I had prayed and he had sent me to this particular church. As I spoke the pastors eyes rolled around and he looked to the right and then the left. I could see he was uncomfortable with what I had just said, but it was true so what could I do. He looked at me once more than just walked away and left me there alone. Another assistant pastor saw the problem and came over to make small talk. This time I kept my mount shut and watched the first pastor eyeball me from the other room. Again I thought, how odd, these people don't believe God can talk, they have never heard from God, than I remembered Mr. Cook.

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My passion is the Living God who talks, walks, and likes to be around people who are fully committed to his ways. I am proud to say I have seen him and heard him. You can to.