Children are the greatest treasure we can ever have. They are the future leaders of our country. Good children become good citizens too. It all depends on where they grow, the family background and the moral values with which they are brought up. God gave us for us so that we might bring them up with love and care and help them to achieve their best their lives. Though each vary with different temperaments but still they have greater potentials within them which needs to be tapped and brought out. They have to be shaped and carved so that they can be good citizens later on.

Our country needs to understand this since terrorism nowadays is mainly because each parent had not understood the value of these children, but instead use them for violent activities. God has a predestined plan for each child and therefore parents have to take his issue as a serious one since he/she is a gift from God. Gifts are to preserve and remember. Likewise children are to be taken care more than the gift. Children bring bouts of joy and they are a bundle of happiness for us. If there are brought up well they would later bring satisfaction in our lives when others say that we are privileged to have such children.

Never see the negative things of your child and get discouraged in disciplining him. Each child might behave differently but all they want is love, encouragement and time that we spend with them. However they might be, we need to accept them and truly show them that we love them. They need guidance and look forward for someone who will be with them in times of loneliness and in need. They also want their needs to be met. Parents take this as a challenge to train up your children in the way God wants us to because they are given by God and we have no right to do it by ourselves.

In spite of this fact, there are some parents who use their kids for all their needs. They use them to do their work and do not give them a proper education. The parents use their kids to even beg at times so that they will be able to make money through these kids. This happens a lot in certain developing countries. The extremes of rearing children in this world, where the rich pamper their kids and some of the poor using their kids, furthers the divide between the children as they grow up.

Since our children are not our own, but have been given to us by God, we should not use them for our own needs as we deem fit. Instead, they should be taught good values in life and they should be grown to be people who will always do the right thing. This will not only help our kids, but will help us later and the whole country and the world will benefit if each child grows this way.

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