Defining Edenology in the 1800's:
In the 1800's Major General Charles Gordon searched for the physical Garden of Eden. Many of his day would define Edenology as simply the search for Eden.

Defining Edenology in 2012:
Today, Edenology is defined as a 7-part calculating system that tracks The Creation of The first human, Adam, The beginning of human history. This system records Adam from The Land of Eden in Year O, to The Resurrection of Christ in Year 4205. These times are equated to 4172 BC- 33AD. The times and dates are provided by Messianic Hebrew Scriptures.

The following scripture are used for calculations of this system:

Part 1: Eden to Egypt Period
Year 0-2310
(*4172 -1862 BC)

The First 2, 310 years of Human History.
1. Genesis 5:1-32 - Records time-line from Adam to Shem, Generations 1-11.
2. Genesis 11:10-32 - Shem to Abraham, Generations 11-20.
3. Genesis 21:5 - Abraham to Isaac, Generations 20-21.
4. Genesis 25:26 - Isaac to Jacob, Generation 21-22.
5. Genesis 30:22-24 - Jacob to Joseph, Generations 22-23.
6. Genesis 37:2 - Jacob is age 109, Joseph is age 17.
7. Genesis 41:46-57 - Jacob is age 122, Joseph is age 30.
8. Genesis 47:9 - Jacob is age 130, Joseph is age 38.
9. Genesis 47:28 - Jacob is age 147, Joseph is age 55.
10. Genesis 50:26 - Jacob as been dead for 55 years, Joseph dies at 110.

Part 2: Egyptian Period
Year 2310-2740
(1862-1432 BC)

Next 430 years of Human History.
1. Exodus 12:40-41

Part 3: Israelites Period
Year 2740-3220
(1432-952 BC)

Next 480 years of Human History.
1. 1 Kings 6:1

Part 4: Israelites Temple Period
Year 3220-3256
(952-916 BC)

Next 36 years of Human History.
1. 1 Kings 11:42

Part 5: Israelites Divided Period
Year 3256-3652
(916-520 BC)

Next 396 years of Human History.
1. 2 Chronicles Chapters 10-36

Part 6: Babylon to Rome Period
Year 3652-4172
(520-0 BC)

Next 520 years of Human History.
1. 2 Chronicles 36:17-21
2. Daniel 9:25-27

Part 7: Resurrection of Christ Period
Year 4172-4205
(0 BC-33 AD)

Next 33 years of Human History.
1. Daniel 9:26

Recap, Creation to Resurrection of Christ: First- 2310 years + 430 years + 480 years + 36 years + 396.6 years + 520 + 33= 4205.6

The Process:
Part 1 of this system starts with Year 0 and quickly moves to year 130, according to Genesis 5:3. Here Adam and the Earth he lived on are both ages 130. Adam's son Seth is born the same year. This 130 year period is equated to 4172-4042 BC. Seth's birth date, Year 130 (4042 BC) is the launching pad to start the systems' calculations. By continuing to add the newer generation's age to their own birth date Increases the year of history, thus revealing an accurate, uninterrupted method of recording mankind's history. The Part of the system continues uninterrupted up until the 23rd generation.

For example:
Seth is born Year 130 (4042 BC).
Seth is age 105 when his firstborn son, Enos is born.
*With the addition of Seth's age of 105 to his own birth date Year 130, the system calculates that Enos birthdates is 235 (3937 BC).
Again, Enos is born year 235 (3937 BC).
Enos is age 90 when his firstborn son, Cainan is born.
*With the addition of Enos's age of 90 to his own birthdates Year 235, the system calculates that Cainan's birthdates is 395 (3847 BC).
In Part 1: This counting continues until the 23rd generations.

Part one ends with the death of Joseph the Israelite, who was a prominent ruler under a Pharaoh of that time in Egypt. (The Pharaoh's were from the line of Ham, while the Israelites were from the line of Shem). Joseph, the 23rd generation of Mankind is age 110 when he died. This brings the total calculation of this period to year 2310 (1862 BC).
This Period is called, The Eden to Egypt Period.

Part 2 of this system adds 430 years to year 2310 (1862 BC) increasing the time to year 2740 (1432 BC). 430 years is the time Israelites lived in Egypt after the death of Joseph. Moses of the 28th generation emerges as the leader of the Israelites; he would free his people by the Divine intervention of God. At the end of this period Moses is 80 years old as he leads his people out of Egypt and into the wilderness.
This Period is called, The Egyptian Period.

Part 3 of this system adds 480 years to year 2740 (1432 BC) increasing the time to year 3220 (952 BC). 480 years is the time Israelis spent in the wilderness (40 years), in the Promised Land under judges (356 years), under the rule of King Saul (40 years), Under the Righteous King David (40 years) and the 4th year rule of King Solomon. In the 4th year of King Solomon's rule, the Temple of Jerusalem began to be built.
This Period is called, The Israelite Period.

Part 4 of this system adds 36 years to year 3220 (952 BC) increasing the time to year 3256 (916 BC). 36 years are the remaining years of King Solomon's 40 year rule. The Temple of Jerusalem is built during this time. King Solomon is the 34th generation from the first man Adam.
This Period is called, The Israelite Temple Period.

Part 5 of this system adds 396 years to year 3256 (916 BC) increasing the time to year 3652 (520 BC). These are the years of the kingdom of Judah in Jerusalem, the descendants of King David. There was two Israelite Kingdoms of this time: Kingdom Judah and Kingdom Israel.
This Period is called, The Israelite Divided Period.

Part 6 of this system adds 520 years to 3652 (520 BC) increasing the time to year 4172 (0 BC). 520 years is the time Israel and the rest of the know world was under the rule of: Babylon (70 years), King Cyrus of Persia (49 years = "7 weeks of Daniel"), General Persian Rulers, Alexander the Greek, General Greek Rulers, and The Empire of Rome. At the end of this period, the Empire of Rome (descendents of Japheth) is in power. Also, Jesus the Christ, Son of The Living God is born!
This Period is called, The Babylon to Roman Empire Period.

Part 7 of this system adds 33 years to 4172 (0 BC) increasing the time to year 4205 (33 AD). 33 years are the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, Son of The Living God.
This Period is called, The Resurrection of Christ Period.

Note: In 2013, it has been 1, 980 years since Jesus the Christ returned to Heaven. His followers, Christians, are looking forward to his return. Christians also look for Jesus' 1000 year rule in Jerusalem not Rome. 2013 AD is equated to Year 6185. In the meantime, The Christians spread His Gospel, "Repent, Receive Jesus, and be Saved!"

Major Charles George Gordon would have been proud of the way Edenology has developed!

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