Every religion on earth has a core value and these are the secret words in them said by God " love, peace, honesty" . How many of us follow these?

I really used to wonder about his magnificent art of creation on earth, his paintings on the sky.... In fact starting from atoms and molecules he is the best scientist, doctor, artist,.........etc There are nearly 100000000000 recognized languages in the world. And there are fourteen religion which gets divided and sub divided from the origin as per records. No matter which language you speak, or whichever the religion you follow God can understand you, He knew that you are His child.

When any one of us make an achievement we become a person with high head , very proud and feel superior our self when compared with others. This is the reason of superiority, discrimination, racialism etc. We hurt others with knowledge. The Creator has made such an achievement, yet he is humble. He is a person with dignity who shows no discrimination to anyone of us and He love all His children. Who can be superior to him?. Only a true follower is close to His heart.

We keep boasting that I am an orthodox religious person, but do we follow the true words of god? Yes, love for one another, peace with other, respect for others, honest , humbleness.. these are the true secret words of god that can lead us to find the truth of life. We keep betraying our self that we are true in our heart. We fight each other for power , money , fame, name etc.. where we have lost the true love in life and so we are not able to trust anyone, there is no peace in mind so we live a life of machine, frustrated. But for sure there are few who really follow His message and live setting an examples.

Things have become harder now a days as anxiety is leading people and hatred follows us. We don't even talk to neighbors, seldom talk to our kids or parent..jealousy in the working place, no trust among family members, betraying , anguish, fighting for pride, ego, no heart to forgive or forget... this is how most of us live today forgetting the words of God. That is why crime rates have increased in all the places. Every day countless people die for no cause.

No matter which religion you belong to and whatever the language you speak remember God can understand you . one sky, one earth we are all in it, we are all one family that is why our blood is red, there is birth and death in common. All of us are children's of god. He knows better than what we do know. We don't have to be Gods pet to follow Him but keep trying at least to follow His words. Let peace rest on earth.

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