It is a great thrill to see people being healed by the super natural power of God Almighty.

# 1:
A group of us went to the local park to see a soccer game between Ecuador and Colombia. This was an amateur game but the rivalry was very intense. The game was off to a good start and we were enjoying the afternoon when in the first half a young man from Colombia took of down field with the ball while two other players tried to chase him down. He fell and as he rolled in the dirt, one of the men who were chasing him tripped over him and you could see the pain on both faces as both bodies collided.

The man who was doing the chasing got up and dusted himself of but the other fellow just laid in the field holding his leg which we could now see was broken. Some of the guys I had come with went down to see what had happened and I followed them down to the field. As we approached we could see people trying to help but no one knew what to do and the man with the broken leg would not let anybody touch him.

I looked at my friend Richard and said, "Let's pray for him that God would heal his leg." We agreed in prayer and just said a simple prayer for the leg to be new as it was before the game. You say these prayers hoping for results but not really knowing what to expect because you never know how God will do anything. Than we left the field and headed for our car since it was now obvious that the game was over.

Some people were coming our way so I asked them what had happened to the guy with the broken leg? They looked at us and pointed to the field, "He just got up as if nothing had happen, and yet he had broken his leg, we could see it broken." I looked over at Richard and we both smiled and drove away.

A week later as I drove to work I stopped for a red light and the man who had broken his leg was crossing the street. When he crossed in front of me he looked into my eyes in a very strange way, than the Holy Spirit whispered, "I told him it was you who had prayed for his healing."

# 2:
I worked in the produce department of a large super market stacking boxes of lettuce and tomatoes, sacks of onions and bags of cabbage and potatoes. Mondays were the hardest days with truck after truck delivering tons of produce that were taken off with a manual finger that lifted up the heavy pallets. This Monday was no different as we hurried to unload one truck after another. My job was to unload the pallets as they were bought into the freezer. I stepped out of the freezer to see how much of the truck remained when a pallet came by me being pushed by a new fellow that had just started working.

As he pushed the finger around bends in order to get to the freezer it was obvious that he was going to fast with the load that weighted a thousand pounds. Another man was coming to help when he was hit by the thousand pound load and smashed up against the wall having both legs crushed. He crumbled to the ground with the finger still pinning his legs. I helped back up the finger with its load of potatoes and the legs were finally free. People were running trying to help, but there was nothing that could be done both legs were smashed and bloody. We just waited on the ambulance, I spoke to the man next to me about praying for the man on the ground, and he said this was beyond prayer now. Still I got on my knees and touched the end of his toes giving them a squeeze, praying all the while that Jesus would heal him and make him new.

The ambulance came and they carried him off to the hospital where I thought I would never see him again. But when he arrived at the hospital they could not find anything wrong with him, they thought it was a hoax. He left the hospital and got a ride home. The next day he came to work and just laughs it off. When I saw him I could not get over it, I could see that there was nothing wrong and that God had done a great miracle for someone who did not even believe in him, just out of pity and love.

# 3:
Randy had worked for a year now and I was used to seeing him smiling and laughing the day away which made it easy for us also. So it came as a surprise to see him so glum and sad this day. At lunch time I asked him what was wrong and he said that his mother in-law was dying of leukemia and that the doctors didn't think she would make it to the end of the week. At this point he started to cry and tell me how good she had been to him; all I could do was agree that the situation was critical.

A group of us gathered around the table and Donny a young man who we knew to be very religious suggested we pray for a miracle. He started what seemed a very somber prayer telling God to heal the woman because her family needed her and so forth but that if it was not his will to heal her than to let her die in peace. Another much older man stopped him from praying and told him he was killing her, to shut up. So this man looks up and said, "God the devil is trying to kill this poor mother but you said in your word the bible that Jesus took all our sickness and sorrow, since you are not a man that should lie I am holding you to your word." He got up from the table and told us that the woman was healed to go back to work. We got up and went back to work not knowing what to say.

The next day Randy didn't show up for work and we assumed that his mother in-law had died, but that wasn't the case at all. That afternoon he came in to tell us that his mother in law had a dream in which she saw Jesus telling her to get up and go home because she was healed. So in the morning she told the doctors that she was going home because Jesus had told her she was healed. They thought she was crazy but allowed her to go home and spend her few remaining days with her family. Randy picked her up and drove her home where everyone was very happy to see her.

A year later the mother in law was doing so well that the doctors ran some test to see what had happened to the cancer. They found no traces of the leukemia, but they were puzzled as to what had happened and how.

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