Tarot Cards are an ancient system of Divination and Meditation and Philosophy. Each card is a beautiful representation of pictures, symbols, names and numbers. They represent all the aspects of human existence, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, visible, invisible, real or mystical.

Tarot was created by great scholars, mystics and philosophers so that the ancient wisdom could always be received. Tarot images represent the great archetypes in a way that makes them open to understanding on many levels by anyone who wishes to connect to his /her spiritual side or even otherwise through the so called 'Tarot Predictions'.

Tarot Cards consist of 78 cards which are divided into Major Arcana (22 cards representing the higher consciousness) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards which represents the materialistic day-to-day issues of human existence).

Tarot Reading or Tarot Prediction is one and the same thing. Tarot readings/ Tarot predictions are a combination of knowledge, skill and a bit of intuition or gut feel, whatever you may feel like calling it. Tarot cards are not just used for future predictions; it is more for getting insights into the future.

Tarot Predictions can be done through the various pre-defined or individually customized Tarot card spreads. Tarot cards are placed /spread according to the query. The position and placement of the cards decide their true meaning and message. Tarot reading can get influenced by the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the reader or the querent. Therefore it is best advised for both reader as well as the client to be calm, focused and balanced.

Tarot predictions can be of various kinds: general (pertaining to large groups of people, as in people of the same Zodiac sign), individual, daily, weekly, monthly, annual or any other way. Most popular and visible prediction is the Zodiac prediction done on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, and most commonly seen in newspapers and magazines. General Tarot card predictions are certainly not true or accurate for all people, even of the same Zodiac. However, individual predictions are most accurate because they are customized according to a person's query and concern.

From simple 'yes/no' to time frame questions, from financial or relationship query to professional or personal concerns; Tarot gives insight into almost all aspects of human existence. A Tarot reading gives an indication/solution/suggestion for a suitable step whenever there is a difficult situation which is also called a Tarot Prediction. For more details, visit www.notjusttarot.com

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