A religious spirit is over the world and controls 90% of the world population. Many who claim to know God only have a superstition of that same God. Faith in God is as different to religion in God, as night is too day. Because we were created as empty vessels we have a hunger to be full. The majority of the time that hunger is satisfied with the things of the world, but that satisfaction last but a short time. Ambition, sex, love, fame, drugs, alcohol, money and even the religions of the world systems are all tried at times to ease the pain and loneliness. These will satisfy the mind for a while but cannot fill the heart where the emptiness lays.

The heart was created by God for God to live in; it was not given as the world says for you to give to your new love life. No religion can fill a heart since it is an external worship of what we do not know. As long as the one true God does not take up residence in our hearts and makes it his own we will feel as orphans. This is the loneliness that people experience and for which there is no substitute. The only love that can fill a heart is the love of the Father, for God is Love. That is why when you find a person who has truly hooked up to God there is no sadness, just joy and faith in a future planned by God.

So why is it so hard for people to find the true God? Because it takes an effort to take your eyes of yourself, forget your problems and whatever religion you have been taught and seek your heavenly Father. The bible says that those who seek God must seek him in spirit and in truth. If you are not really interested in the truth, and like all the exterior commotion of your chosen religion, you would not be seeking him in spirit and truth. You could be curious and want to see if God is real and sometimes he will honor that curious nature by letting you see his power and might, but curiosity is not faith. On your part this would not last long and in the end you would be worse off than at the beginning.

Religions promise much but produce very little and because they do produce very little they are loved by those who practice them, since they themselves also have to give up very little. It is an easy matter to say you have a god and he takes no interest in your daily affairs. The religions where you celebrate god or gods are for that god and not the people. The peoples life never changes, they just go from one kind of slavery to another. No matter the religion no matter the denomination, if the one you worship has no interest in you, how you live, how you sleep, if you eat today or are sick or sad, then that is not love and kindness. You would be better off on your own than seeking someone who cannot help you.

But what does God really want from us? He wants us to change and be born again, to help the poor and lost. To have a new heart not controlled by greed and lust but control by kindness and a caring nature. To spend time with him, not in religious rituals, but like you would with a friend just enjoying the time together. To be a giver, giving of your time, talent, a smile, a nod, a prayer, a meal, or just being there, this is what he wants. To take your eyes of yourself and put them on him, because he becomes your strength, peace, provider, protector, and healer, but most of all, your Father.

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