First and foremost, in this essay, I do not seek to discriminate against any type of religion as I consider myself as a more modernized-Christian. Before I shall go on, I wish to share with you me feelings towards what Christianity means to me. Most importantly, I feel that the way God is presented in the Bible, is merely a personification for Nature. Perhaps God is Nature, because then that would mean that God is everywhere in the world. Something to support my statement? Well, I don't know if you all realise, but many of the world's remedies for illnesses is in some way, shape and form, extracted from the Earth's crust. For example, a man named Ian Flemming discovered treatment called penicillin, simply from letting a slice of bread go mouldy. (This is factual, not an agreeably humourous joke!) Therefore, it is a phenomenal concept to believe that the Earth is able to supply us with most remedies we need, if not all. Who knows, hopefully there will an undiscovered piece of rock on an undiscovered island where there exists a cure for cancer. With all this taken into consideration, and the fact I believe that God should be personified as Nature, it would appear that God is the one supplying us with all these remedies, therefore living up to his charitable status in the Bible and helping the needy! It is an interesting prospect, and I do also think that it is possible that science and religion can work together. Afterall, science is merely the best possible interpretation to get a rough understanding on things, although it may not completely be correct.

I am only sixteen years of age, and have taken a great interest in the world of religion and how different age groups and different types of people will develop their own ideas on religion. Although, I have to say, I do not believe that the Bible is to be taken as a literal means of bettering ones self. It is full of a plethora of wonderful stories that may have been true, and that may have been exaggerated a little. There is a clear difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament, but surely if the book is "God's word" then he should only have one view rather than having two completely different views on how people should live in the world.

Many orthadox Christians that I know, do not agree with same-sex marriage and quite frankly, are pretty much against gay relationships. They tell me that they follow the Bible, and that is what the Bible teaches: that a marriage should be between a woman and a man. However, I thought that the Golden Rule is to "love thy neighbour"? Surely, by neighbour, it means EVERYONE regardless of their flaws. So, what truly is wrong with being gay or bisexual? In my opinion, nothing whatsoever. If a woman decides that she loves another woman, who are we as God's people to judge her? We surely can't deny others of their feelings. It would be fairly unjust to not allow a person to love who they love and I do not believe that being homophobic is "loving everyone."

I personally think that this world is far too full of people who are quick to judge, whether they are religious or not. If God provided us all with a functioning heart, then surely we have the choice how we want to use it. There is too much chaos and animosity in this world, and instead, people should learn to love everyone, without being quick to stereotype or judge.

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