For the last five years I have had many dreams about losing my memory. The last dream was one of the worst. In this dream I was lost and wondering through the streets of a major city. In the morning when I awoke I would consider the dream. Every time I have had such a dream I have prayed and asked Jesus to make it the other way around and make satan look like a fool for wishing this upon me. I have also put in many hours studying how the devil is able to put this on so many people.

In my own life I could see that what he wanted me to do was to think that the thoughts he was putting into my head were actually mine. By doing this I would agree that I had indeed some type of sickness like dementia or Parkinson's disease and this would open up a door into the demonic kingdom where some demon would put the real sickness on me. I had seen this as a pattern in what I can only describe as a satanic attack to make me think and accept many other types of sickness. But one of the things I had going for me was that my own father had died of natural causes at the age of 84 and never had any symptoms of these diseases. My mother also has outlived most of her friends and is still very healthy at the age of 86. So I knew this was not in my family history.

After studying this phenomenon for a number of years I could see that yes a number of people did get sick from nature or some type of contamination in the environment. But the majority got sick when they accepted a dream or a whisper from some demon who kept at it until the person was convinced that yes he or she did have that particular sickness. Then the demon would bring on the first symptoms to see if they were accepted. Once the person really believed that they were sick, the sickness would stay. If the person kept saying No the demon would look for someone else more gullible and susceptible to his type of sickness.

The sicknesses really do exist and the germs which make them up are real, what is not real is how people get them. The demons that do this type of work are relentless and cruel, they will stay on a person for years until that person is convinced that they are sick and the disease starts to manifest itself and in the end kills that person which is what satan wants. Fear and worry are the opposite of faith and without this fear the demons cannot work and the sickness would have nothing to hold on to.

The whole demonic realm has laws by which it works. If you start to believe you are sick and later confess to friends how bad you feel you are giving permission to these imps to invade your body. I have written in other articles how a voice kept telling me that I had arthritis but I kept saying I didn't. This was not a dream but a live event in which my right hand would freeze while I was trying to write. I would grab hold of it and command the spirit of sickness to let lose in the name of Jesus and it would. After three or four times of this it never came back and when people ask me if I have arthritis, I say no, that this is from the devil, they may laugh but they are the ones who are sick not me.

I have had stomach problems, hip problems, tooth problems, and eye infections which have lasted for years, but I never gave up hope that one day Jesus would heal me if I didn't fall for the devils lies, and he has. To the unbeliever this sounds outrages, and fanatical and to many church going people it is too much work to believe Jesus for their healing, but I am 69 and feel sound as a 50 year old man. My memory is perfect thanks to Gods word and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. This week I have had two dreams from satan telling me how bad it will be for me when I lose my mind. This makes me happy because I know that the opposite is true, and I am having and will have a happy and blessed life. To those who are taught that satan cannot speak to a Spirit filled believer, think again and just look at your own church group and those who have fallen by the wayside.

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