The greatest directional change in life that any human being will ever make, is when he or she changes direction and starts to seek his place in God. Change in direction will definitely come to a life at some time; the difference is in the quality of life after the change. There are many reasons why changes come to a life or for changing your life style and the direction of your life. Some changes are forced on us by nature; this could come in the form of a sickness or old age. The trauma of a divorce or the death of a family member could bring with it a complete change in the direction of your life. Some of these changes are very negative and you don't get to pick how, when, or the direction of the path.

We will all go through a midlife crises, which is really just part of the aging process. Many men will notice that the little bald spot has become bigger and now covers a third of their head. They will also notice that what is left is growing grayer each day. To some this is a dreadful day and they now must seek an alternative. The direction they take is to try and act younger by wearing a wig or dying the grey in their mustache or beard. Some totally reinvent themselves and take up dancing which they hated when they were young. They might change their car or buy a motorcycle to impress the young ladies they have just started to notice. The wife is now seen as maybe too old and boring for this new man about town.

Sometimes it's the wife who feels that she is growing old and has not really enjoyed life to its fullest. There is more that she can do then her husband. She can have her breast lifted and her backside enhanced to look as if she were twenty again. There is the belly tuck and the pounds of fat that can be removed from her waist to give her the coca cola look which men find so appealing. She can also have her nose and lips done up to resemble someone she admires. There is no lack of talent and costly procedures available to make her look like the new Madonna. And who can say that she does not deserve to live out her fantasy during her last years, as she has always dreamed them? After all, she raised four children and put up with her childish husband for thirty some years.

The problems in this type of directional changes to a life lie in the fact that you are just buying a few more days of earthly pleasure, but in the end you still have to face the fact that you never made peace with God. You never changed direction to seek him and see what he had to offer. Your changes were always about you, many times not even considering your family who loved you and stood by you in difficult times. Changes that do not have God as their main objective will in the end destroy the very life they were meant to improve. The wise person is the one who realizes just how short life is and that you cannot hide from God under the surgeons plastic gloves, or the dye used on your hair and beard.

Whether changes are forced on you by nature or circumstances, there is always one option left for you, which only you can exercise. That is the option to change direction this very moment and seek God instead of the world or yourself. He is always available and willing to receive you into his family. This change of direction will be the biggest accomplishment of your short life here on earth. It all starts with asking Jesus Christ into your heart by faith, and asking him to take over your life with all of its failed attempts at being good. Say it out loud, or in your mind, on the bed or on the floor, in the house or in the woods, it doesn't matter where you say it, just say it. Here is an example. "Dear Jesus, come into my heart and forgive me for my past mistakes. Make me a new person, and teach me your ways." It's that simple, the rest is done by him.

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