Superstitions have no basic knowledge to it . Superstitions is a very old practice which has been carried out till now in certain parts of the world. In olden times people believed in many things such as a banyan tree, a black stone, a black cat, in the stars or sun sign of a person. These did not prove any sense while people still believed it was true to believe in it. There are many more such superstitions which till now are very common in our society such as God Bless You is said when a person sneezes , beware on Friday the 13th , if a black cat crosses the road before you cross then you should stop right there, and many more. People also believe in magic and that future can be foretold. Superstitions carries luck with it. People still believe that one should consult their horoscope before getting married or giving someone in marriage because it might cause some harm in their lives and future. These superstitions still exist and therefore still carried out , people still believe in such things and at times families get affected or a good relationship breaks . People even believe that daughter-in-laws who bring luck are talked about but if that same person has nothing to do with any misfortune happened in the family that person is held as a culprit.

On the other hand Supernatural is an unseen force, a curse which is not visible but is still is believed to be there. Although now days do not believe in such things even scientists have brought out that there are no such things which exist its just mental thinking . Supernatural is a force which is apart of the outside world. Some people believe in spirits, demons, omens and goblins. They believe in miracles, curses, and many other things which have no meaning or existence. Scientist have proved that beside humans there are nothing that the outside world exist.. Through experiment scientist have proved that supernatural is a false belief in human thinking. Science has proved wrong to every beliefs and said self realization is the most important thing in the world. But at times we should not discard these beliefs because everything has a reason to a thing and we know things do exist but we over look it. We know people might not believe in such topics but when there is a god there is evil too, because the Earth is full of evil practices and corruptions . Although science gives us a new beginning but we still have such faith in these things. At times it forces us to think about such issues.

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In due respect to all religions a topic just to think of such things which are around us .