January 22, 2011
Dear Jesus,
I know that I could pray and you would listen but even prayer becomes very impersonal after a while so I decided to write you a letter. First of all I must thank you for all that you have done for me. Without you I would still be a beast rolling in the mud, doing everything I should not be doing. Because of you I am born-again and have a new beginning, all my past has disappeared and been forgotten. You have made me a success and blessed my family abundantly, maybe over and above what we all expected. My family and I are unworthy of even the least amount of attention from you and yet you are always there, always trying to be understood and bringing more of yourself.

Thank you for Robert Presley and Raymond Saunders who were instrumental in bringing me to your feet. You bought me some great spiritual fathers like Buddy Bell and Jack Hamilton who taught me unconditional love. Thank you for the great ministries that you allowed me to meet, especially Joyce and Milton Green who taught me so much and were so kind with their resources and their time. Thank you for Kenneth Hagan Ministry who supplied me with books and material throughout all those long years. You opened up your vault and gave me the best of everything, books, experiences, friends and gifts of the Holy Spirit so as to build up my faith, and now twenty three years latter my faith is solid, you did this, and I could never have done it without you.

I have never suffered in this world as you did what little I suffered has been out of ignorance and stupidity. But you suffered for something you never did; you really suffered at the hands of some very cruel men. I can't even imagine being nailed to a cross and left to die naked before the people you knew. I believe that if the nails and the beatings had not killed you the shame of being seen by your mother and friends stripped and humbled would have killed you of a broken heart. But the greatness of all this is that you did it for me and all who are like me, lost and forgotten in a depraved world. Really, it is more than any human could understand, that God would send his own Son to die for the world, it's beyond me.

You left your home in heaven where you lived in royalty and splendor having every need met by angels. Where life with your Father was in total harmony and love, and came to a lost world in chaos where you would be hated by men and finely murdered even though they knew you were innocent. To live in a corrupt and filthy land that was the opposite of what you knew. What an incredible act of bravery and obedience to your Father's wishes. Thank you for my salvation once again and for all the pain and suffering you went through on my behalf. This kind of love I have never seen in the world I live in. I know I could never pay for all this or work enough to justify myself before God, but you have given it to me freely, Thank You. Your Friend Jose.

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