Christianity is a religion that is practiced by many people all over the world. There are many different kinds of people who live in the world and even in Christianity; there are people who are not able to forgive others for the mistakes that have been committed against them. It should be remembered that forgiveness is Christ like and every true Christian who wants to be like Jesus should also be able to forgive the person who has wronged them.

In fact the Bible says that revenge is from the Lord and as humans, we should not be the ones who try to take revenge against other people. The Bible also says that people who are submissive are the ones who are loved by God. The meek and the people who are suffering in the name of the Lord will be having a rich reward in heaven. Most of these verses are very difficult for the humans to be able to think, understand and follow. This can be only followed with the help of the Lord.

There are many human beings who have been able to forgive many other people in various situations in spite of being wronged by the other people in ways that are unimaginable. One of the cases that stand out is the way in which Mrs. Gladys Steines forgave the mob that burnt her husband and two young sons to death for preaching the word of God in their small hospital in Orissa.

The mob had pre-planned the attack and came armed with various things and killed the people who had been helping them. They burnt the father and the two young sons as they were sleeping in their jeep. Though the world was outraged at the incident, the widow who had all her happiness robbed from her told that she forgave the people who had killed her husband and sons. This was the ultimate forgiveness that a human being could make. It truly showed God's love in her. Though every person may not be able to forgive others in the same way, it is what God expects us to do.

There were many people who doubted that Mrs. Gladys Steines had really forgiven the attackers who killed members of her family. She showed her love to the people by serving the same people who had killed her husband and children.

There are many instances of similar forgiveness in the Bible too. There are many people forgiving the people who had wronged them and also made them suffer. In fact there are many instances where Jesus forgave other people and expected others to do so too. Forgiveness is an integral part of Christianity and this is seen from the fact that the Lord's Prayer also tells the people to forgive all those who have trespassed against us. Then God too will forgive us similarly. Jesus too showed this in action by forgiving all the people who put him on the cross and killed him. This is how God expects us to be too!

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