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  • Its my Jharkhand State    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    This article focuses on the fact that despite of having all the sufficient resources and comforts,the Jharkhand state is still lacking development in the several sectors due to the improper leadership and dirty politics. >> Category: Issues
  • Stealing in Islam    By: Liyakat Shah

    Quran says 'Cut off (from the wrist joint) the (right) hand of the thief, male or female, as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allah. And Allah is All-Powerful, All-Wise. [5/38]. Quran didn't stop there, it continues 'But whosoever repents after his crime and does righteous good deeds (by obeying Allah), then verily, Allah will pardon him (accept his repentance). Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. ' [5/39] >> Category: Issues
  • Egoism Leads to Distraction    By: Liyakat Shah

    Egoism an act to think that I am something different or unique person than others, a procedure by which we begin to think I am the sole highly different person than any other Egoism may come in many ways, person may be egoistic by his post, status, work, or whatever God has given him or her >> Category: Issues
  • Types of Pollution    By: Liyakat Shah

    The purchase and sails of vehicles has increased and too many old and new vehicles on the road have increased the percentage of carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide. >> Category: Issues
  • Old Age Home: A Prospect For Twilight Hours    By: dgh brh

    Old age home is not a very common subject in the Indian society. But the urban lifestyle is signalling towards a growing demand of the review of the concept. This is not an attempt to go for a statistical in depth analysis of the concept but a mere effort to contemplate about the idea and its probable outlook in the Indian social and economic purview. >> Category: Issues
  • Words Cannot Describe Epiphanies | C-Section Baby Delivery Experience    By: natalie bakracevic

    36 hours of labour to finally have a c-section. My pregnancy was the most agonizing and traumatic feeling I had ever experienced in my whole life. My C-Section baby delivery experience >> Category: Issues
  • My Fall From Grace - Drug Abuse    By: natalie bakracevic

    Drug abuse story expressed. I can feel all the ligaments in my nose aching. My forehead is throbbing from where it had been head butt. When I touch the bottom of my nose I can feel something in turn move near the top of my nose, and vice versa. I feel awful. >> Category: Issues
  • Plant More and More Trees    By: Liyakat Shah

    Today more and more trees are being cut down to satisfy human needs the space in which we live fell short due to on growing population as a result humans turn their way to forest and jungles and paddy fields they cut down number of trees to construct malls, apartments, row houses, buildings and so on >> Category: Issues
  • Bribe is a Social Crime    By: Liyakat Shah

    Bribe a word that is whole world associated either formally or informally. The nations and societies are densely polluted with it. It is type of fantasy that attracts the people physically and mentally and to use the so called bribe for his life and comforts. The person who taste the aroma of bribe fall prey to greediness and intend to increase his status by increasing his graph by fair and false means in nearby future. >> Category: Issues
  • Be Honest and True From All Aspects    By: Liyakat Shah

    Well today we find that many people have forgotten the basic lessons of honesty and truthfulness and people who even know the lessons of honesty they are surrounded by the clouds of name and fame so the procedure becomes meaningless and loses its charms of serving humanity >> Category: Issues
  • Patience a Weapon to Win the Race    By: Liyakat Shah

    Patience is a type of feeling that can be used to bear its consequences. It does not mean that the person keeps numb or silence in spite of being on the right track. People may think that they have underestimated their opponent as they did not get any reverse reaction from them. Actually it is a false prediction or misconception in their mind. >> Category: Issues
  • Corruption a Social Disease    By: Liyakat Shah

    Corruption the word itself symbolizes that anything that is done by fraud foul means to satisfy our greed for time being. It has various forms and names in order to hide from its identities of the word corruption >> Category: Issues
  • Hopes - An Instrument to Play    By: Liyakat Shah

    HOPES a word by which many people either build or spoil their life or carrier. If we take the literal meaning of hope than we may conclude that something what is possible within our limit or thing that is usually likely to happen It is this word that we often find people playing sentimental puppets with others. >> Category: Issues
  • Human Rights and Islam    By: Liyakat Shah

    The human charter for Human Rights was framed some 60 years ago but Islam teaches and preaches about Human Rights some 1400 plus years ago. Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) is the best of best example of it who implemented and showed us the basic principles of every human rights irrespective of caste or creeds. >> Category: Issues
  • The Transit Phase From Nomadic to Settled Life    By: Madhulika Sahoo

    Mankedia is one of the most primitive tribal group of Odisha. This article describes the transit phase from nomadic to settled life of the Mankedias >> Category: Issues
  • Using Prisoners For Medical Research    By: Rose-Marie Chaperon

    Should we allow the government to use prisoners for medical research? This practice is unethical and I would apply the theory of Utilitarianism to show how these actions are not right and therefore that good may be achieved under conditions that are harmful to some. >> Category: Issues
  • Recognition of Customary Land Rights of the Tribals in India    By: Madhulika Sahoo

    The Government in recent time has failed to recognize the customary land rights of the tribals under the Forest Right Act and Indigenous People's Rights Act, which is long pending historical injustice to the tribals. The issue is not only restricted to India, it has widely experienced in other developing countries. The article has tried to explore some of the major cause and its consequences. >> Category: Issues
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-3    By: Madhulika Sahoo

    This is the last part of the article, the profundity of the displacement was clearly visible amongst the tribals of Simlipal. The sense of belonging always long them to go back to their place of origin. I am hoping the readers will get to feel the tribals scars of displacement through this article. >> Category: Issues
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-2    By: Madhulika Sahoo

    This 2nd article provides information on tribals inside Simlipal Tiger Reserve; primarily the Kharia (Savara), Brihor (Mankirdia), Bathudis and Kolho tribes. The myths indicates that the Khaira and another community namely, Puran were the autochthons (natives) of Mayurbhanj. The Kharias trace their origin from a pea-fowl's egg. They assert that the Bhanj royal family of Mayurbhanj came out from the yolk, the Purans from the white and the Kharis from the shell of the Pea-fowls egg.. >> Category: Issues
  • Relocation is Not Our Fate, Simlipal Tiger Reserve: Part-1    By: Madhulika Sahoo

    This article depicts the plight of primitive tribals of core area villages inside Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Odisha, India. One of the significant feature about these villagers are self sustainable though with less or no basic facilities of health, education and communication. All is required is rights over their traditional forest and land. Due to length of article it has been divided into 4 parts parts. >> Category: Issues
  • Farmer's Suicide in Bundelkhand Region, India    By: Guest User

    Rural indebtedness is acting only as a trigger for a complex range of socio-economic factors that lead to suicides. Bundelkhand region is known for its abundance of natural resources but today this is one of the poorest regions of the country. Author: Devendra Prasad Pandey >> Category: Issues
  • Terrorism in South Asia    By: ISAAC HILLER ARMSTRONG

    Terrorism is a covert warfare, which targets innocent Civilians, Business men and the Politicians. State-sponsored terrorism and religious extremists are the two forces which have been unleashed to weaken and destablise secular countries in South Asian region. Narcotic trafficking, smuggling of arms and explosives is a part of this war. Hence a comprehensive security policy is necessary to combat. >> Category: Issues
  • How Much Money One Needs ?    By: Sreenivasan V P

    We earn money day and night without thinking how much money is required for a decent living . Some thoughts .... >> Category: Issues
  • Sacrifice Not Noticed - Indian Army Soldiers    By: praveena rao

    How much do we respect our soldiers? How aware are we of their issues, their work? This article tells about the sacrifices made, the problems faced by the Indian Army..and how necessary it is for us to acknowledge them. >> Category: Issues
  • Exams and Other Pressures in Childhood    By: yuka taurus

    Children are unable to enjoy their childhood what should be done? Don't they have right to enjoy their childhood as we did. >> Category: Issues
  • Stop! Don't Kill Me Please - Female Infanticide    By: neera ahuja

    This is about making aware our society and people who kill baby girls, we need to tell them that babies a gift by god and only god has right over life and death of human beings, and no one else >> Category: Issues
  • Rising Wholesale Prices Spur Inflation Concerns    By: frank kum

    WASHINGTON - Steady advance in the abridgement may anon appear at a amount -- faster inflation. A broadly watched admeasurement of broad inflation, the amount Producer Amount Index, rose 0.5 percent endure month, the better account access aback October 200 >> Category: Issues
  • A Polio Victim Still    By: Sybil Shearin

    Polio is still a very deadly virus. Though it is almost dead in the United States many other countries are still being affected. One result from the Polio virus is Post Polio Syndrome which comes back later for more of you. >> Category: Issues
  • The Cry For Liberty!    By: Gitanjali Maria

    The uprising in Egypt is proof that people world over like to have liberal and democratic governments and no dictatorship can last forever. A change is always necessary and this is what autocratic governments and rulers around the world are afraid of. >> Category: Issues
  • The Boogie Man is Coming!    By: Sybil Shearin

    Sometimes children fear things they cannot see. Monsters lurk under beds or in closets. Blood thirsty faces look through windows and fear becomes a horrible nightmare to a child. >> Category: Issues
  • Women Trafficking: A Crime That Needs to Be Acted Upon    By: Sally Jackson

    Human trafficking is a terrible crime. More than 22 percent of women who are forced into sexual activities are sold or forced into trafficking by their family and friends. >> Category: Issues
  • What's Life Without Facebook? Will it be Good or Bad?    By: Edward Paul Labanero

    Since we all know that Facebook is like a food that we chew everyday. When we wake up early in the morning many of us quickly open our Facebook account than taking breakfast first. Even if we are not in our home we have a mobile phone or i phones which we use to log on to our facebook account. Why people can get enough of Facebook? being addicted to facebook is good or bad? >> Category: Issues
  • Changes in the Lifestyle Will Help Prevent Snoring    By: Dave Information

    Snoring is a health risk that can lead to various problems. Reduction in snoring is very important and this can be done by change in lifestyle. >> Category: Issues
  • Most Common Questions That Kids Ask and How to Answer Them    By: Dave Information

    Kids may ask various questions. Parents should know how to answer them. Read this article to know about the questions and answers you have to give. >> Category: Issues
  • Threats of Freedom to Fail    By: kris salaz

    As humans we need to accept that we make mistakes and sometimes fail. In fact , this is the way we learn and get to develop more skills. However, some people try to avoid this process of failing, they threat the freedom of others to fail. This issue creates a temporary solution but brings worst consequences not only to individuals but to an entire society. >> Category: Issues
  • How to Prevent Kids From Getting Tips All the Time    By: Dave Information

    Kids like getting tips for chores. This can become a bad habit too. Learn how to prevent kids from getting tips all the time. >> Category: Issues
  • Humiliation Kills At Times!    By: Swetha Prasad

    How many of us want to dress up for our self and live for our self? There is one thing in the world that everyone faces at some point of their lives. And that is - humiliation. >> Category: Issues
  • Raising Responsible Children in an Irresponsible World    By: Dave Information

    The world seems to be very irresponsible in actions. People are immoral and kill each other all the time. So, in this situation, how to raise responsible children? Read on... >> Category: Issues
  • Water Problems in India    By: gunda ramesh babu

    Water is a scared commodity in India. Agriculture in India is an adventure activity. The millions of cultivators are disposed at the mercy of monsoons. Monsoons occupy a dominant role in the Indian economy. >> Category: Issues
  • Snoring and Simple Methods of Treating it at Home    By: Dave Information

    Snoring can be a major family issue or health issue. Read on to learn the tips to control it by yourself. >> Category: Issues
  • Teenage Marriage: Disadvantages of Marrying at an Early Age    By: Dave Information

    Teenage marriage can lead to financial, emotional and social problems. It may even end in a divorce. Read on to learn other disadvantages. >> Category: Issues
  • Alienation of Land in Developing Countries:Introduction ( PART 1 of 3)    By: Adoksh Shastry

    Land is a very valuable and scarce resource. People need land to grow food, to build cities, for investments as well as for housing. Therefore, access to land, rights over land, the management and administration of land and the settling of land conflicts are very important for human kind.The paper is presented in 3 Parts. Part 1-Intro Part 2-Land Tenure Part 3-Country wise Case Study Part 4-India >> Category: Issues
  • Drug Addiction in India - a Huge Problem    By: Guest User

    Drugs follow money, since Indians are getting richer due to a booming economy they have more money in hand to spend on these illegal entertainment activities. Although the percentage of people in India who use drugs is fairly low, but the number is growing at a scary rate. >> Category: Issues
  • Biggest Problems in India    By: Guest User

    Indian society faces several big problems like corruption, population and poverty. These economic issues and social problems are very bad for the growth and stability of this country. >> Category: Issues
  • Getting a US Green Card Has Become Very Hard    By: Guest User

    Software Engineers from India who are on H1-B visa in United States face a long Green Card (GC) wait. Reasons why it has become so hard and issues surrounding it. >> Category: Issues
  • The Gator Mailbox Insert Identity Theft Deterrent.    By: john parham

    Did you know it could cost you a fortune if your identity was stolen. Statistics say that your identity will be likely be stolen from neighbors and family. According to Javelin Strategies, a prominent research firm that often reports on identity theft.. >> Category: Issues
  • My UPs and DOWNs    By: ASER IBRAHIM

    Finding what you want regardless other people opinion. I try to stay positive but sometimes I doubt myself and I wonder if all what I dream about is just a dream and there is no chance of actually doing it. >> Category: Issues
  • Common Man's Apology    By: anubhav proothi

    The article shows a comparison between how the 2010 Commonwealth Games should have been, and how they are going to be, based on what we have witnessed so far. >> Category: Issues
  • Demolition Chaos in North Bound Lane, Philippines    By: Melea Agatha Silong

    A chaos started at Northbound Lane along EDSA at 10am in the morning as authorities demolished the squater's area in the district. But it turned out to be a bloody one... >> Category: Issues
  • The Question of Scotland Yard's Image in Pakistan is Also...    By: Nazar UlIslam

    They are dogmatic mainly because they are prejudiced, especially about the Indians, and the prejudiced people have greater danger of becoming dogmatic. >> Category: Issues

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